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Mushroom knives

It does not require much gear to go hunting for mushrooms. It is also an activity that you can take on all year round in the forests. However, most fungi are found in late summer and autumn. Specifically, there will be the most mushrooms from August to October. Although it does not require much gear to go hunting for mushrooms, you will still get the farthest if you get a proper mushroom knife. For this, a basket and a mushroom book will also be really useful. It is very important to be aware that there are a number of poisonous fungi in nature. Therefore, never eat a mushroom that you are not 100% sure about! If you're just a little bit in doubt as to whether a fungus is toxic, let it be.

Be on the cutting edge with a mushroom knife

There is nothing like going on a mushroom hunt and collecting a lot of goodies that can come home. It's even completely free. Mushrooms add lots of good taste and not least vitamins to your food. You can leave without a mushroom knife, but then you risk getting a part up from the ground, which still has to be cut from later. That way, it's easier to just use a mushroom knife and do it from the start. You may also find that small animals have eaten a little around what you collect. Here it's also easier to just cut that piece off right away - even before it gets down in the basket for the rest of the goodies you've picked.

Find the perfect mushroom knife

There are many different types of mushroom knives and here at we have a good and solid selection. We have, for example, mushroom knives from Opinel, which are easy to maintain and offer versatile blade lengths. In addition, we also offer a wide range of mushroom knives from Maserin, which are of an extremely high quality. You can enjoy them for many years into the future. The same for all our mushroom knives in our range is that they have a brush at the end. We think this is a great advantage, as this brush can quickly help you get rid of soil and other things on the sponge. That way, you also avoid spending a lot of time on it when you get home and have to make use of the collected goodies.

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If you are missing a mushroom knife, then you have come to the right place. We have a sensible and solid selection of them. Should you be in doubt about anything, then finally do not hesitate to contact us. We would rather than like to help you, so you get hold of exactly the product that suits you and your needs! You are always welcome to send us an e-mail at There will always be a competent employee ready to help you with your questions and issues.

Here at we want to ensure you good prices. We take pride in providing the best customer service and therefore you must not hesitate to contact us if you have something on your mind. We also offer our customers a fast delivery on stock items and 100 days free exchange. We will always do our best to deliver your goods as quickly as possible so that your waiting time is shortened. We know that the waiting time can feel long when you have been inside and ordered new and delicious gear.

With the help of these benefits, we hope that it will be an easy and pleasant experience to shop gear with us. wishes you a lot of fun with your purchase and your new mushroom knife. We hope you found exactly the one you were looking for.