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Gaffa tape, gorilla glue and various repair

When you have to maintain things in the home, it is essential to have some effective equipment at hand that can solve emerging problems or needs. Having the right gear at hand or at home is an advantage when repairing holes, cracks and other damage. Household projects often require a wide range of products. It can be anything from a fast-acting glue such as. gorilla glue or gaffa tape. Household projects can be anything from hanging soap dispenser in the bathroom to leather to be glued together. If you as a consumer are looking for the permanent solution, then price and quality often go hand in hand. The temporary solutions often come with low cost products. has focused on selecting the most durable and permanent solutions for you as a consumer, whether it is at home or a sudden emerging need in nature, then we have package gear solutions that you can take with you everywhere. At we offer gaffa tape, gorilla glue, repair sewing kits, repair patches and other types of repair kits.

Choose the right gear

Super glue is characterized by the fact that it is an extremely durable and strong glue with a drying time of 10-45 sec. The glue can glue almost all surfaces together. When you have to choose a super glue, it is an advantage that it has a fast effective effect, which lasts in the long run. A strong and 100% waterproof glue that can be used both indoors and outdoors is something you should look for if you are looking for the right glue. Another type of glue is wood glue, which can also be water-repellent. An important factor to be aware of is that the glue helps to maintain the natural color of the wood after use. The wood glue should preferably have a drying time of 24 hours before it has an effective effect. The glue must also be able to be used on several different types of wood such as hardwood and coniferous wood, which you must remember to find out about during the product description or on the back of the product. Gaffa tape is also a product we have chosen to highlight, as it can be used in several different situations. There are many different types of gaffa tapes on the market and it is therefore important to choose the tape that suits your particular needs. You can advantageously find a gaffa tape that can stick to hard and uneven surfaces. The tape must be able to withstand moisture and extreme temperatures as well as changing weather conditions. The gaffa tape must be easy to tear over, so you can get a straight cut and you must be able to operate it without extra gear. A step up the ladder in relation to patchwork solutions can be universal patchwork. A universal patch is the more permanent solution compared to gaffa tape. As a consumer, one should be aware of the size of the universal patch as they come in different sizes. This product can be used to advantage on inflatable boats, raincoats and tent cloths. A portable sewing kit is a must if one is to be able to repair the clothes on the go or during a rewarding journey. The sewing kit can be used in connection with sewing various bushes, jackets and other garments. A smaller sewing kit with molle mounting on the back can be an advantage if you are going hiking in the open and have a lack of space in the backpack.

Large selection of gaffa tape, repair gear and gorilla glue

At you will find everything you need, whether it is gear for the repair of an inflatable boat or gear for a household project. We have a wide selection of gaffa tape, various repair tools and gorilla glue for your next household project or other. Under this category we offer wood gorilla glue, gorilla super glue and gorilla extreme glue. Gorilla glue is of high quality and therefore we offer this. We have several different types of gaffa tape as well as plain transparent tape with extra strength. Most of our products are water-repellent and can withstand extreme temperatures, which is an advantage in the weather conditions. We also offer sewing kits in smaller sizes that are easy to use.

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