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A "daypack" is a backpack or shoulder bag that is large enough to hold equipment for approx. a day's use. In everyday life, daypacks are suitable as school bags or for work, as they have room for a computer, books, packed lunch, drink can, etc. Many of our daypacks such as Borealis, Recon, Big Shot 2, Surge 2 etc. from The North Face is made with a built-in compartment for a laptop or tablet for optimal protection. They are therefore absolutely perfect for school or work. In addition, our daypacks are also suitable for holidays and travel. You can use them as hand luggage on the plane or on daily sightseeing trips once you have arrived at your destination.

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With us you can get a large selection of backpacks in the best quality, carefully selected according to our quality policy. Here we do not compromise on quality. We have therefore chosen The North Face as our primary supplier of school bags and daypacks. The North Face is known for making quality equipment that also has a nice design and can be acquired at a reasonable price. If you buy your next The North Face backpack from us, you also get a price guarantee, so you are sure to get it at the cheapest price on the market. These school bags or day trip backpacks, as they are also called, are made exclusively of good quality materials and are very functional and implemented in the design. With a backpack from The North Face , you definitely get off to a good start every morning when you go to school or work.

Robust daypacks

If you need a robust quality bag that can hold a little of everything, you will find it here on the site. We have a large selection of daypacks from well-known brands that specialize in making bags for outdoor use. In addition to The North Face , our range includes products from brands such as Tasmanian Tiger, Savotta and 5.11. All four brands are very popular when it comes to outdoor enthusiasts choice of equipment. German Tasmanian Tiger manufactures products that, due to their sharp quality and durable products, supply equipment to police and military around the world. The brand 5.11 also specializes in manufacturing tactical equipment that must be able to withstand most things. Finnish Savotta is a clear favorite among hunters and naturalists. The products are of high quality and have a nice design. With us, you can also find a large selection of waterproof backpacks, so you avoid all your things getting wet after a bike ride in the rain. Here on our site you can find many different bags, and you can be absolutely sure that we have one that suits your needs and your price range. In our selection you will find bags in many different sizes, so whether you need a backpack only for your computer, your citizens or just for the most important little things, you can find it with us.

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If you need a backpack for work, a school bag or another type of daypack, you will find it here. We have a large selection of in many different sizes, designs and colors, so you can find exactly the one that suits your needs. On this page, we only sell good quality products, so you can be sure that what you order will last for many years. If you shop at our webshop, you get free shipping on purchases over 100 GBP. We offer 100 days exchange, so you have the opportunity to exchange the bag for another if you do not get to choose the right one in the first place. At we love cool gear, and therefore we would like to update you on our new gear. If you would like to be the first to know about our cool news on the webshop, you can sign up for our newsletter. If you sign up, you can be sure to be the first to know when we have good offers on our cool products as well as get tips and tricks on how to use our products or instructions on which products to choose.