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Guard clothes

Do you work as a security guard? Then you probably know everything about how important it is to be in possession of guard clothes that are comfortable to wear and which at the same time give you optimal and free movement. The watch clothes are your work clothes and it is therefore extremely important that the clothes are comfortable while at the same time having a good quality that can last for something. That is why we sell workwear in a functional and durable material, and we basically always offer a stable size range in our range of watchwear.

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On this page, it is possible to get hold of watch clothes in a timeless and stylish design. We always ensure that our watch clothes are of good quality but at affordable prices. In order for you to find what you are missing, we have a large selection of jackets, trousers and sweaters, so there is no doubt that you can get the equipment that suits your needs. We also offer free delivery if you buy watchwear for more than 100 GBP. We strive to have a fast delivery time from day to day, so you can quickly and easily benefit from your new watchwear.

Guard clothes that you can keep warm in

As a guard, you may spend many hours outdoors every day and the weather is not an excuse to stay indoors. We are all aware that the weather can offer everything from frost and snow to wind and sunshine and rain. You never know what awaits us - but as a starting point, there is a great risk that most months of the year are cool. Therefore, it is very important that you as a guard are dressed to be able to adapt your clothing to wind, weather and cold. Basically, it's important to keep your upper body warm, which is one of the reasons why a jacket is a central part of your profile clothing when working as a security professional. Fleece is easy to hold and is a typically used material, which helps to keep you warm in all kinds of weather.

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If you need further information or you have more questions, you are always welcome to contact our skilled staff who can help and advise you. We are always interested in you making the right decision so that you end up with the right product according to your needs. If the watch does not live up to your expectations, we offer a 100-day free exchange. We can be reached at the email address