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Military clothes

Clothing is without a doubt one of the most essential parts of the gear when acting in military contexts or under harsh conditions. Here at we offer high quality military clothing. The range is wide and manufactured according to so-called tactical needs. The military clothing can of course be used for many different purposes, whether you do military service and definitely need it in military contexts, or whether you just have a desire and need for quality-conscious, durable and comfortable clothing for outdoor use. No matter what you are for and what purpose the clothes are to be used for, we here at have done our best to ensure that you have ample opportunity to find exactly the military clothing that suits you and your needs and wishes. Military clothing is generally popular because it is basically always of a really high quality, without it having to be wildly expensive. In addition, the blur pattern is popular and the unique design is widely used. On this page, you will find classic, practical and high-quality military clothing in durable materials that ensure that the clothing lasts really well while achieving a high level of comfort.

Military clothing in MultiCam for soldiers

If you are missing the right clothing for military use, you will find it here on our online shop. We have a solid selection of equipment in good and practical materials, which are suitable for tactical operations. At you will find products of the best quality, which are optimal for military use. We only sell military clothing that is made of durable textiles and that has been tested and approved for use in even the most difficult conditions such as extreme heat, cold or rain. It is especially the high protection against various weather conditions that makes the clothes super relevant and practical. We are constantly expanding our product range, and therefore we also have a large and wide selection of military clothing and combat uniforms in MultiCam. MultiCam is of course absolutely essential if it is combat pants or combat shirt for use in the Armed Forces. At dealer, our top brands such as UF-PRO, 5.11 Tactical and Claw Gear are always made authentic MultiCam, ie. that the manufacturer manufactures their products in MultiCam with permission from Crye Precision, which has a world patent on MultiCam. If you are considering buying military clothing and gear in MultiCam, then you should always be sure that it is authentic and made with permission from Crye Precision as well as the right combination of materials in relation to IR signature, as you are otherwise not assured, that your clothing has the desired effect out in under field conditions.

Tactical gear from reputable brands

At we have a good assortment of quality clothing from reputable brands. UF-PRO, Claw Gear and 5.11 Tactical are especially prominent among these. 5.11 Tactical is especially known for supplying military equipment to the US police and the FBI, where the quality must be top notch and the products must be durable, durable and at the same time ensure optimal performance. Since 1997, Slovenian UF-PRO has delivered i.a. combat pants of the absolute highest quality, and all their products are produced in Europe.

Military clothing online at

At our online shop you will find an exciting assortment of various types of equipment within the military. We are constantly updating the site with new products so you can find the tactical clothing you need, whether it is for military use or elsewhere in the security industry. In our committee, emphasis is placed on the military clothing being able to withstand harsh field conditions and at the same time support good performance when it comes to. We are well aware that the waiting time can be long once you have clicked your new gear home. That is why we do our best to optimize the delivery time. Welcome to and welcome to our online shop, where you will find a large, wide and professional selection.