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Shooting glasses and Frag glasses

At we can offer our customers quality glasses and goggles from the best brands. We know how important it is to wear proper glasses when working in the military, the police or doing other risky work where the eyes can be injured. In order to protect the eyes in the best possible way, high-quality goggles are important. The vast majority of glasses are approved as industrial goggles and live up to the very strict American and European standards; ANSI Z87.1-2003 and EN 166 (F) High Velocity Impact. This means that these glasses and goggles are made of very special materials that give you maximum protection and comfort. We have glasses in several different price ranges, so you can find exactly the one that suits you.

Common to all our selections is that they all live up to high standards of quality. Here at , we recommend that you only use eyewear that is ballistic approved, which means that it is approved according to the strictest rules, which originally originated from the military. At , we primarily carry glasses and goggles from OAKLEY, Wiley X and 5.11, all of which are very well-known brands that we can definitely recommend if you do not quite know what you are looking for. At the same time, many of our glasses live up to much stricter MIL SPEC requirements which provide maximum protection for your eyes. Our glasses and goggles serve two very important purposes. Firstly, they reduce the amount of sunlight so you can see better and longer in high sun, but just as importantly, your eyes are protected at the same time from fragments, rocks, dirt, dust, sand, branches and everything else that nature throws in head on you when you are outdoors. We strive to have the right and large selection, so you can always find glasses that suit exactly your needs.

Large selection of freight goggles, goggles and goggles

At , we primarily carry glasses and goggles from OAKLEY and Wiley X, which are the leading brands in outdoor equipment and not least outdoor glasses. OAKLEY is known, among other things, for manufacturing lenses in High Definition Optics (HDO), which ensures a sharp, clear and precise vision, which is important in challenging situations where you must be able to see clearly at a longer distance. OAKLEY manufactures goggles for many elite athletes who choose them as number one, and we think that says something about the brand, which is why we are really proud to have the brand among our range. Most OAKLEY glasses on are from the exclusive SI series, also called the Standard Issue series. These glasses are not sold in normal stores, but only by dealers affiliated with the military and police units. All our OAKLEY SI goggles therefore live up to the strict military safety test MIL SPEC MIL-PRF 31013. With OAKLEY SI you simply do not get better goggles, which is also the reason why the OAKLEY SI goggles are used by military units, special forces and a sea by police authorities, including the US FBI, SWAT, DEA, ATF and Secret Service.

In addition, we also have Wiley X, which is known for their incredibly large selection of glasses. They have been making glasses for tactical use for many years, but over the years they have also started making glasses for motorcycle use, outdoor, sports and much more, as the demand from these markets has increased a lot in recent years. They offer a wealth of colors, so you have the opportunity to choose exactly the design that suits your style, because they also believe that there must be something for everyone. Selected glasses from Wiley X also live up to the MIL SPEC MIL-PRF 31013.

Here at you will find protection goggles for any situation. Among our range you will find, among other things, our ballistic eyewear, which has several advantages. First, they are particularly suitable for the military because they are precisely approved for situations where fragments can hit the glasses. Secondly, ballistic eyewear is also functional to keep rocks, dust, branches and other things away from the eyes, so you do not lose sight and focus when you are out where it is important to be able to see well. Thirdly, it gives you, as a user, confidence and peace of mind when your eyes are protected by military goggles, because then you can concentrate exclusively on your work. Last but not least, protective goggles can be used by the military, police or others who are active outdoors, such as mountain bikers and hunters. In both mountain biking and hunting, it is also very important to protect your eyes - both so that the eyes are not damaged, but also so that you are not unnecessarily distracted by fragments when performing an activity.

Ballistic eyewear in the best quality

At , we strive to be able to offer our customers the best of the best quality, and we test the equipment ourselves, so we know what qualities we can offer you. Both ballistic eyewear from OAKLEY, Wiley X and 5.11 live up to's standard in good quality, which is why we can definitely recommend glasses and goggles from these well-known brands. One of our focus areas is that our products must be of the best quality to give the user the best experience. In this way, we are sure that the equipment works as it should, and it provides security and safety for the user. We have ballistic eyewear in different price ranges and designs, where the common denominator for all the products is quality and durability, and there are definitely a few that suit your wishes and needs.

Not only do all the glasses we sell live up to international standards of safety, they are also incredibly stylish and can be used for everything from ordinary hobbies to mountain biking, sailing, skiing and hunting. Yes, in fact, for all purposes where there is a potential danger to your eyes and where you need protection. It is important to protect his eyes every day, which is why we are proud to present you with a large selection of smart glasses and goggles!

Buy frag glasses and goggles online easily and conveniently at

Here at we offer our customers a number of benefits when they shop with us. We offer free shipping when you order for more than 100 GBP. However, we at for our customers to find the right one in the first place, and therefore our experienced customer service is always ready either by phone, chat or email.