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Lights and flashlights - Powerful and robust headlamps and flashlights

Do not underestimate the importance of a sturdy flashlight among your gear! It can be crucial in camping, hiking on the hunt, or any other situation where your sense of sight needs to be sharpened. Whether you are missing a headlamp, flashlight, table lamp, batteries or accessories, we have the best gear and the best brands; NexTORCH is used by the Chinese police, Savotta is a well-developed and reputable Finnish brand with many years of experience in outdoor equipment, LED LENSER specializes in LED lights, and then there is Gerber, which is designed in collaboration with Bear Grylls himself - and it goes without saying what benefits lie in it. Take a look inside our range and be turned on by a lamp that suits your specific needs.

Remember to check out our large selection of pole and mini lights - with low prices!

Having a good flashlight on the go is the alpha-omega of a survival trip. It is good to have on hand when darkness falls, the tent needs to be set up, you need to look for firewood in a dense forest or you need to write work in the tent after dark. offers all kinds of pole lights and mini lights at the best price, and they are of course all in top-thought quality and in the best materials. We offer brands such as Savotta, NexTORCH, Gerber - Bear Grylls and LED LENSER. All are developed in top quality aluminum, all are water-repellent and because they all have LED lights, they provide maximum burning time so you can think of everything else.

The hands-free solution: find your new headlamp at

With a headlamp, you have good opportunities to go to work more thoroughly and streamline your work as you have both hands free. A headlamp is perfect if you, for example, have to chop firewood, run, cook, clean wounds, make a bandage, etc. At we have several brands within headlamps: Petzl, Silva, Life Systems, NexTORCH and Gerber - Bear Grylls. All our headlamps are of course in top quality and with long battery life, as they are with LED lights. Most models from Petzl have red tiltable front glass which makes it easy to switch between white and red light - a great feature if you have to work for a long time in the dark, as the red light is easier for the eyes to work with.

Cheap table lamps for real camp atmosphere has the best, cheapest and coolest gear within table lamps and lanterns, and we are capable of supplying several types of energy sources; petroleum lamps, LED and solar cell lamps. From the German reputable brand Feuerhand we can present different models which are all petroleum lamps. Feuerhand's petroleum lamps have been manufactured according to the same principle for the last 100 years, which makes the product extremely reliable and quality-assured. Feuerhand gives you the real camping or outdoor atmosphere with their very pleasant light. If you want more light in the camp, and are you more into the energy-saving LED light, we can present both LuminAID and Savotta; Savotta Camping Lamp is powered by the 4 included AA batteries, and with LED light in the bulb, you are guaranteed a really strong light and many hours of burning time, while giving the original atmosphere of camp and coziness. LuminAID is high-tech solar-powered, so do not think about batteries or other accessories. Just lay it out in the sun all day (or hang it on the back of your backpack) and it's charged and ready to use.