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Camping furniture for all situations

We have always had a penchant for camping and being outdoors and we here at would very much like to meet that. Whether you need a camping chair, camping tables or a festival chair, we can offer these here. In short, we have all the camping furniture you need when you are on your way on your holiday or just need a folding chair for a fishing trip. Our camping furniture allows you to take a much-needed respite when you move out into the open. Moving in nature can erode the forces, which is why we all need to sit down and gather again. Whether it is a quick break on one of our stools, cozy around the fire in one of our folding chairs or it is necessary to fold your legs up, in one of the larger chairs and completely relax, we have the perfect camping furniture for you. Several of our stools have a strap so that it can be fastened to the backpack so you do not have to carry it in your hand - nice and practical. The legs of the stools are non-slip and can be found i.a. both with two elongated legs and models with 3 legs. Either way, you are guaranteed a solid seat that provides space for relaxation and rest of legs and back. Camping tables are also part of our range of camping furniture, including integrated seating. This means that you have all the parts together in one. The set is easy to fold up and unpack again, and it is transported like a suitcase, making it easy to transport from place to place. In addition to products for relaxing on the camping, hunting or fishing trip, we also sell equipment in which you can store your clothes when you are on holiday. Among other things, we have a camping wardrobe, which gives you the opportunity to organize yourself while you are out in the beautiful nature. Instead of having all your clothes lying around in your bag, crumpled and cluttered, you instead have the option of getting it laid properly. It strengthens your overview when you stay in nature or on the campsite.

Easy and convenient

A folding table or a folding table is easy to take on the trip but also easy to both pack together and set up again. This is exactly what allows you to save space when packing so many other things. It is both easy, convenient and easy to handle. Then you can conveniently fill up the picnic basket extra. When camping or going on a fishing or hunting trip during the day, you often bring a lot of equipment with you, and some of that equipment should be light and manageable. It will therefore be optimal to invest in a practical and lightweight chair. For hunting, you can advantageously buy chairs in authentic colors e.g. a dark green so that one camouflages and blends in with nature.

Camping furniture for your inner camper

At we have camping furniture for your overnight stays or holidays outdoors. A folding chair easily falls short when you need to be around the campfire or when you just need a break in nature. The various folding chairs all have certain types of support, so you can always find a foothold in even the most severe terrain. You are more than welcome to contact us here at, and together we can find the solution that will suit you best in relation to needs and purposes. If you have difficulty with stability, you can also buy the special ballfeet from Helinox, which creates even more comfort for you in the event of various irregularities.

Buy camping furniture and camping equipment online

At we have many types of camping furniture. Here are some of the top brands that have been developed specifically to take special care of comfort. We at, are ready to help you choose the right product that suits your needs. Finally, contact us by e-mail and you will receive an answer as soon as possible. If you shop online, remember that we pay the freight if you buy for more than 100 GBP. We would like to wish you a lot of fun right now.