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Military jackets get you ready for any challenge

At we have a large selection of equipment for military, outdoor and hunting, and on this page you will find our large selection of military jackets. With a military jacket, you can be dressed for all the challenges you may face when you are in the field. Our large selection of military jackets means that we definitely have a military jacket that suits your wishes and needs. We only sell high quality products at sharp prices. We have many different models, colors and sizes. You should therefore explore our large selection of quality products from many well-known brands.

Many cool military jackets from well known brands

It is almost indispensable to have a military jacket that can follow you in thick and thin when you are in the field. That is why we have a large selection of military jackets that can help you in all situations. We have all the cool brands, and of well-known brands here at we have the following brands: Arctic, Clawgear, Carinthia, Mil-tec and UF PRO. We have a large selection, and therefore we also have some that suit different situations. You can therefore easily find a military jacket on this page that suits you, your needs and your budget. If, contrary to expectations, you do not find what you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact us. Since we always want to have the customer in focus, we will also always try to get the home that you are missing, even if we do not have it in the range right now. Do you want to be updated on the latest new equipment on Then you have more options. Among other things, you can sign up for our newsletter, where we send out great news and fantastic offers. You also have the opportunity to follow us on the social media Facebook and Instagram, where we regularly make updates and take you behind the camera at

Military jackets for many purposes

We here at even use jackets from this site for the long, cold and rainy days. Whatever you use it for, it will be ready to help you through your activities and the discoveries you make. All military jackets on this site are made in really good quality, many of them are waterproof and at the same time they are durable so you can expect to have them for many years after you buy them. In general, all the military jackets are made by the manufacturer with you in mind. They are therefore, for example, made with many pockets, so they are practical to carry your gear in. They are also made so that you can move as freely as possible at all, and you will therefore not notice that you are wearing them. Some of them are used by special forces around the world, which also highlights their high quality. You should be aware that there may be differences in the size of them from the different brands. Our range consists of items in many different price ranges, and if you want to divide your payment into smaller pieces, then it is no problem. We have a collaboration with Viabill, which means that you can make an installment plan so that you can pay for your item over up to 24 months.

Visit our showroom

If you want to see or try on your military jacket before you buy it, then no problem. We have a showroom, which is located at Gunnar Clausens Vej 58, 8260 Viby J. Our showroom is an extension of our warehouse, so you have the opportunity to see and try all the items we have in stock. In addition, you have the opportunity to get advice and guidance from our extremely skilled staff, who all have experience in either military, outdoor and hunting. You can therefore have a good chat over a hot cup of coffee, as we always have coffee on the jug.

If you have already chosen a military jacket that you would like, you can also buy it online here on the site. We have gathered a lot of cool benefits that should make online trading easy as a game, and you can do it 24 hours a day. round. Among other things, we have fast day-to-day delivery of stock items, so if you order today, you can have your gear in your hands tomorrow. We know how annoying it can be to go and wait for his package. That is why we have made the delivery time as short as possible. In addition, we have a 100-day free exchange and price guarantee. With our price guarantee, you are guaranteed the best prices on the market, as we match the price if you find the same item at another Danish store, and in addition we deduct an additional 15% of the difference. If you have any questions that you would like answered before you make a purchase, our customer service is ready to help you. You can catch them by email where we strive to answer you as soon as possible. In addition, you can give us a call on telephone 71 99 63 61, so that together we can find the right solution for you. We always want to give you the best shopping experience. Finally, we at would like to wish you very good fun with your purchase. WE hope you find the military jacket that fits you perfectly.