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Double Sleeping Bags

Here at we sell very different outdoor equipment. Among these, you will also find double sleeping bags, all of which have in common that they are made in extremely high quality.

Double sleeping bags have several benefits

Are you going hiking with your better half? In that case, a double sleeping bag can be the perfect solution, as a double sleeping bag takes up less than two single sleeping bags together. That way, first and foremost, there will be room for other useful gear that you might otherwise have been forced to leave at home. Secondly, you also get the option of getting a lighter backpack if you do not choose to bring other gear. In addition, it is also just a really nice way to be on an outdoor trip together - and you will find it easier to keep warm at night, as both of your bodies will help to keep warm.

Stay warm

A true outdoor enthusiast will know that it's about shutting off so much of all the sales cold when it comes to sleeping outdoors. It's so as not to freeze. It is therefore important to bring a solid Sleeping Pad so that the cold from the ground does not cause us to freeze. It may therefore be that you need to consider whether you should have a double Sleeping Pad that you can use with your double sleeping bag. It will no doubt help to block the cold as it will be easier to avoid cracks. It will definitely also be the most comfortable to sleep on when you want to share a double sleeping bag. Here at we have several different double Sleeping Pad to choose from. You can click here and take a look at them.

Buy your double sleeping bag here

Here at we would very much like to always be among the cheapest on the online market, so you can get your double sleeping bag or other outdoor gear at a really sharp price. Remember that we also offer fast delivery and that we send your order free of charge if you have ordered gear for more than 100 GBP.

If a double sleeping bag was still not what you were looking for, then you can take a look at our many other sleeping bags. We have, among other things, sleeping bags for winter , summer , 3 seasons , down sleeping bags, fiber sleeping bags and sleeping bags for children . We hope you find what you are looking for here at Or finally contact us, we would be delighted to help you. Enjoy!