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8+ People Tents

8+ person tent

On this page you will find all our largest 8+ person tents. Some can accommodate 8 people, while others can accommodate up to 20 people, so there are many options, depending on what suits you and how many people you need to be. At we have a strong focus on quality, and the products you find on this page are therefore carefully selected and thus also in extremely high quality. You will find brands such as Savotta, Tentipi and Nordisk, which are all leading brands in the category, including 8+ person tents. If you buy your new 8+ person tent here at, you will definitely not regret it.

Who needs an 8+ person tent?

An 8+ person tent is ideal when there are many of you who want to camp together. If you are a lot of people who have to travel together, it is obvious to invest in a larger model. Even if there are not many of you who have to leave, the tents of the large 8+ people are perfect if you have a desire for lots of space and freedom of movement. Some of the large models even offer several options for, for example, both being able to cook and eat in there, which can also be really advantageous, especially if you have to camp in a place where the weather can be unstable. Should there be a rainstorm on the trip, with an 8+ person tent, you have the opportunity to move inside, as there is room for it. In this way, the large models can be used to advantage, regardless of whether you are many or few who have to leave together.

Did you know that you have the opportunity to visit our showroom, where you have the opportunity to both meet our staff in person, and also have the opportunity to see and touch the products physically? This of course requires that the items you want to see are stock items, and it can therefore be an advantage to call or write in advance if you have a desire to see a specific item physically. You can find our showroom at the address Gunnar Clausens Vej 58, 8260 Viby J. You can contact our customer service on telephone 71 99 63 61 and at the email address

Spacious 8+ person tents in high quality

Since the largest models on can accommodate up to 20 people, there are some very spacious models that you will find on this page. Several of the varieties are even made so that an oven or a grill can be used in it, and it is thus possible to cook in there. There are incredibly good ventilation options in them, which is also the reason why it is possible to have an oven or grill in some of the models. Ventilation is incredibly important, as this way you can avoid condensation, and you thus avoid you and your gear becoming damp, which you especially want to avoid. Despite the large size of the 8+ people, the tents are still easy to set up and are made of extremely durable material, so they can withstand a little of everything, including different weather conditions. At the same time, they are made of some material that keeps the weight to a minimum, which is also a huge advantage. Due to their large size, they also have incredibly high comfort.

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Are you missing a large 8+ person tent with room for up to 20 people? Then you have come to the right place. We have a selection that covers 8+ person tents that can accommodate anything from 8 people, 10 people and up to 20 people. If the sizes on this page do not suit you and your needs, you can find our entire large selection of smaller models here at Here you will also find models that are suitable for both 1-2 people, 3-4 people and 5-8 people. The mission at is to provide good customer service, and therefore we have a price guarantee on all products as well as day-to-day delivery on all stock items. We always do our best to give you as fast a delivery as possible, as we are well aware that the waiting time can easily get long when you are waiting to get your new gear home. Therefore, we guarantee you that we will ship the same day you order, in the case of stock items. In addition, we often have offers and sales, so you have the opportunity to find the different models and variants at a good price. At we always offer a price guarantee, so you are sure to always get the best prices on the market. We offer these very large models in different price ranges, so you can find exactly what suits you and your personal needs and preferences. We hope and believe that you will be really happy with your new gear. would like to wish you very good fun with your purchase.