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Travel bags

Many people agree with HC Andersen's statement "that travel is to live", and when you travel or are on an excursion, it means a lot to have all your things together in a good bag. We at help you find that - we have a wide range of good and practical travel bags. We have travel bags in different sizes and from different brands, but common to them all is that they are in the best quality. We do not compromise on good quality, so we can guarantee you that if you buy a travel bag from us.

Money cat and travel bag online

As I said, we have a wide selection of travel bags. If you want to be sure to have your money well protected on your trip, we have different models of a money cat. A money cat is practical because you have your money, debit cards and passports close to your body, so you reduce the risk of being robbed. We have both a money cat to hang around the neck, but also in the shape of a belt bag around the hip. A money cat or belt bag from us is in top quality, so it can be kept open and closed many times.

Cheap travel bags in all sizes

At we have travel bags for all purposes. We have both small bags and backpacks if it is for a short trip, but we also have larger travel bags if you need to bring more things. You can even buy a good toiletry bag from us. It is crucial that you find the right travel bag in the right size, so you can have all your gear gathered in one bag and not have to carry several different ones. It is also important that your bag is practically arranged so that you can organize your things a bit in the bag. So whether it's a small or large travel bag in black or colored, we have it all!

Buy your travel bag online

As I said, we have a wide selection of travel bags and money cats in all sizes and shapes. Travel bags bought from us are available at really good prices, and we often have offers on bags. If you want to be sure of getting a good, practical and quality-safe travel bag, we can only recommend that you buy it online at We deliver right to your door, and of course you can always contact us if you have questions about any of our products.