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Sleeping Bag Liners

A good and comfortable sheet bag will definitely help to extend the life of your sleeping bag and its insulation. It can also be used for several different purposes. Among other things, you can use it as an extra layer in the sleeping bag or as a separate sleeping bag for the summer, when you do not have the same need for high insulation. When investing in a new sheet bag, it can generally be a delicious variant for warm, tropical nights or just as an extra luxury to make the experience a little cooler. Accommodation in the open air can be a completely unique and fantastic experience. However, it is essential that you still have a comfortable and nice place to lie down when you need to sleep outdoors under the stars. It is something that helps to strengthen the whole experience. We all know that a good night's sleep is required to achieve the best energy level and surplus for the next day. We are of course very interested in contributing to this by offering you the best products for the purpose. Sleeping Bag Liners is the perfect choice if you are going south and do not have a need for a heavy and extremely insulating sleeping bag that can withstand sub-zero temperatures. It is not necessary at all in a warm climate. However, we will of course remind you that you can still use it as an extra layer if you spend the night out in a cold climate. In this way, the product has an absolutely ingenious double effect!

A large selection

At we have a large selection to choose from. We have variants in different materials, colors, sizes and specifications. On this page you will find our stable selection, all of which can be used in many different situations. All the variants on this page are of extremely high quality and come from brands such as Carinthia, Lifeventure and Trekmates. These brands have extensive experience in this area, and you can therefore be sure that you will get a very good product if you buy your new gear from this site. We also have a large and flexible selection and you will find the entire selection here. At we only have the cool stuff!

High quality Sleeping Bag Liners

If you shop here with us at, you can, as described, be sure that you get a product in an extremely high quality. At the same time, you get a product that can be used in many different situations and in different ways. A sheet bag can, for example, be used as a blanket. In contrast, you can also use it separately as a sleeping bag if you are in some warmer temperatures where a regular sleeping bag is too hot to use. Therefore, a sheet bag is a good buy both for situations where you have to spend the night in nature under cooler temperature conditions, as we also mentioned above. Another added bonus of a sheet bag is that it helps keep uninvited guests in the form of insects and other crawls away. There are definitely plenty of creeps out in the big world, and as soon as darkness falls, they first emerge from their hiding place. The small insects can interfere with the important night's sleep. Most models can even be impregnated to further prevent the intrusion of insects. In addition, all the variants have in common that they take up very little space and that their weight is minimal. Their packed size is therefore small and it allows you to easily and conveniently carry them in your backpack.

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If you are missing a Sleeping Bag Liners, then you have come to the right place, as we have a large and solid selection of them. Among our products, we want to highlight our luxurious variants from Lifeventure, which are treated with a protection that acts as a barrier against bed bugs and mosquitoes. At we often have good offers and sales, so you have the opportunity to find a cheap sheet bag. We also have fast delivery on stock items and 100 days exchange. We do our best to deliver your goods as quickly as possible so that your waiting time is shortened. With these benefits, we hope it will be easy and convenient for you to shop gear online. We hope you find the product that suits you, your needs and your desires. If you want to be kept up to date on the latest and coolest gear, you can sign up for our customer club, where we will send you newsletters on an ongoing basis. Through our customer club, you will also experience getting a lot of cool benefits. You can also choose to follow on our Instagram, Facebook or YouTube channel, where we also make sure to keep you updated with news, offers and cool competitions.

If you have any doubts about anything, do not hesitate to contact us. We would rather than like to help you find the product that suits what you are looking for! You are always welcome to send us an e-mail at You can also use our chat function on our website to get in touch with us. No matter which solution you choose to contact us, there will always be a nice and competent employee ready to help you. We at wish you very good fun with your purchase and the new gear. We hope you found exactly the item you were looking for.