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Map Patrol

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Short patrol

At we have a large selection of backpacks and bags in many different sizes. They are all of extremely high quality as they are all made from durable materials. If you buy a bag from, you can therefore be sure that you get a bag that can withstand extreme conditions. On this page you will find all the bags that are suitable for a short patrol. The bags you find on this page will therefore typically be suitable for a short patrol of 1-3 days, and the bags on this page are therefore most often at a maximum of 45-50 L, as this size fits perfectly for a trip of this length .

Backpack for short patrol

When you are on a short patrol, you need storage, and whether you are a soldier, from the Home Guard, from the police or something completely different, we have a backpack for a short patrol that suits your needs. All the backpacks on the side provide different options for storage, as there are many different compartments in the backpacks, which is ideal when you are on a short patrol, as you can thus structure your gear on the trip.

Bags for camping and hunting

Despite the fact that the bags on this page are located under short patrol and thus sound ideal for the military and police, there are also a large number of bags that are also ideal for you who, for example, are going hunting or camping. For example, if you are going hunting, you will find a great advantage in the many different storage options that are in a bag for short patrol.

Buy storage for a short patrol at

Are you short of storage when you go on a short patrol? Then you have come to the right place. has a large selection of backpacks for short patrols, and we also often have good offers and sales, which you can keep an eye on here on the site. Our absolute bestsellers on this page are from 5.11. They are called Rush 12, Rush 24 and Rush 72, and we at can definitely recommend all three.

At we are very committed to offering our customers the best customer service, so it is easy and convenient to shop online. In order to offer you the best customer service, we have a number of benefits, which include a price guarantee, day-to-day delivery of stock items and free exchange. We hope you find the right one for you, and we hope you enjoy it.