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Bag accessories

When you travel a long way, there is a lot of equipment that is important to bring. On this page you will find everything in accessories for your travel bag or backpack, so you can protect it and its contents as best as possible on the trip. We sell a large selection of accessories for bags from many different brands such as The North Face, Pacsafe, Trekmates and Lifeventure, which all manufacture quality equipment that is robust and that can withstand the many hardships that you face, for example. the backpacker trip, the hike or the expedition.

Accessories for backpacks

In your backpack you store a lot of important things that need to be protected as well as possible on the trip. A ride on the roof of a bus in India or on the plane among many other heavy things can be hard on your backpack or bag. Therefore, it can be a really good investment to acquire a backpack cover or a transport bag that your luggage just needs to be put in. In this way, you eliminate damage that can potentially be expensive and not least time-consuming to repair. If the accident is out anyway, it may be a good idea to bring extra buckles for the backpack so they can be easily replaced in case of damage.

Padlock for bag and backpack

An important little thing that you should always bring with you when you travel is a padlock for your bag or backpack. It will protect against uninvited guests who might otherwise easily access the luggage during transport. In addition, many insurance companies require that you use a padlock so that you can have your belongings replaced if the accident should still be out. Among other things, we sell padlocks from Pacsafe, which both make padlocks with keys and codes and in different qualities, so you can find the one that will protect your bag in the best possible way.

Offer on bag accessories

When you travel, there are many things to consider and it is therefore important to find the right offer. At we sell quality products that live up to high standards, but which can also be acquired for reasonable money. That way, you can buy all the equipment you need without ripping the account. In addition, we give you free shipping if you buy for more than 100 GBP here on the web shop. Welcome to, where you will find everything in equipment for outdoor and travel use.