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Folding knives

A folding knife is an important tool in many situations and is therefore good to take with you in nature, on camping or something completely different. Unlike a sharp-edged knife or dagger, a folding knife is much more compact and often fits right in your pocket. Due to the compact size, it fills almost nothing and you will hardly notice that you have it with you. The knife is practical to carry and can be indispensable in several situations when you stay in nature for a long time. At we have a wide range of different brands and in different price ranges, so you can be sure that we have something right for your needs. On this page you can find all our cool folding knives, which you always get at a good price.

Large selection of folding knives

On this page you can find a large selection in good quality. Our selection is carefully selected according to our quality policy, so you can be sure of getting good quality that can last for many years. There can be a big difference between folding knives and the purpose for which they are designed. Some are great for all-round tasks, while others are designed for more specific purposes such as hunting and fishing. In order to offer folding knives for these purposes, we have chosen to sell various well-known brands such as counters Gerber, Helle, Victorinox, Lansky etc. All manufacturers each have their own way of manufacturing and there can be a very big difference in the steel alloy and hardening, which is an incredibly important factor. Steel is primarily an alloy of iron and carbon, but other alloying elements such as silicon, manganese, chromium, nickel, titanium, etc. can also be included to improve the properties of the alloy in a particular direction. Therefore, the manufacturers Gerber, Helle, Victorinox etc. spend a lot of time assembling the right steel, so you get the best quality for the purpose you want.

Buy your folding knife online

If you have become curious about a folding knife, we have gathered a large selection from well-known brands that suit your needs. If you buy from us, you can be sure of getting the best products on the market at one of the cheapest prices. Once you have found the one you want, you can easily and quickly order it from us. In addition, we give you free shipping on orders over 100 GBP. If you need help or guidance on which folding knife is perfect for you, you can send us an email at