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Sleeping Bags - 3 Seasons

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Sleeping bags 3 seasons

At we have a large selection of sleeping bags that suit different seasons. You can therefore get a sleeping bag for spring, summer and autumn. If you want a sleeping bag that can withstand extreme cold, you should take a look at our winter sleeping bags, which you will find here. Sleeping bags are not the only thing we sell for overnight stays in nature. Among other things, you can also buy a tent and a sleeping pad. All our products have in common that they are of extremely high quality. Among the sleeping bags on this page you will find quality brands such as Carinthia, YETI, Grand Canyon, Nordisk, The North Face and more. All the brands are highly recognized in this particular field.

Sleeping bags for different needs

We hope that with our large selection we have a sleeping bag that can fit your needs. Among other things, we have sleeping bags in different sizes in the form of sleeping bags for children and sleeping bags for adults. Among our sleeping bags for children, we have both a baby sleeping bag and a junior sleeping bag. In addition, the sleeping bags are available in different colors and materials, so there is something for every taste and every need. For example, if you want to use the sleeping bag on hikes, the material is extremely important, as weight and pack size become important. Furthermore, the material is important in terms of breathability and insulation. As we know that our customers have different wishes and needs, the sleeping bags are also available in different price ranges, so it is possible to find the one that fits the budget you have. So whether you need a cheap sleeping bag for a festival and a camping trip, or a more expensive sleeping bag that is robust and can withstand a few beatings, we have the sleeping bag for you.

Buy your sleeping bag at

Do you need a sleeping bag? Then you have come to the right place. On this page you will find cheap sleeping bags, and we often have good offers and sales on sleeping bags. At , we strongly believe that it should be easy to shop online, and you should therefore not wait long from the time you order until you have your sleeping bag in your hands. That is why we always have fast delivery on all stock items. As additional benefits, we also have a 100-day exchange. We at are crazy about gear, and we are therefore very excited about the sleeping bags on this page. Therefore, we also hope and believe that you will be happy with a sleeping bag from