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The right sleeping bag for the right purpose

Are you looking for a good sleeping bag to use the next time you spend the night outdoors? Here at we have made sure to have a large selection of different sleeping bags, depending on what time of year you need it. It is important to have the right equipment with you in nature when you spend the night. Here, the sleeping bag is a very important part of your equipment, as it has a big impact on whether you can sleep well and keep warm at night. If you do not have a comfortable night's sleep, then it is difficult to fill the energy depots and be ready for a new day. This is especially important if you are on a long-term trip with several nights in the open air. There are many different types and models of sleeping bags on the market - and we can well understand if it can feel like a jungle to find your way around the different models and get an overview of why you should choose one over the other.

Among other things, you must be aware of the quality of the sleeping bag, and it can fluctuate enormously, which is why it is important that you get the right one of its kind to suit your needs. Here at we have prioritized having a wide selection of sleeping bags, so we can offer you sleeping bags for everything from ordinary leisure use to more extreme conditions. Therefore, you must also pay special attention to the comfort temperature when choosing the right sleeping bag. The comfort temperature tells you which temperature you can keep warm in. That way you can be sure that you will not freeze when you go to sleep. When looking around for a sleeping bag, you should also be aware that there is a difference between whether it is a comfort temperature, maximum temperature or extreme temperature that you are looking at. The maximum temperature tells something about the upper temperature for where a standard person can sleep comfortably without sweating. The extreme temperature tells something about the very lowest temperature where one can survive for about six hours in the sleeping bag. Also pay attention to the weight, as some people will prefer a lightweight sleeping bag, especially if it is to be hooked on the hiking backpack and on a trip. Our staff here in the company themselves have experience of spending the night outdoors in sleeping bags, which is also the reason why you can safely call or write to us if you have any questions you would like answered. We would rather than like to help you with your questions and give you some good advice along the way.

Get a good night's sleep

If you dream of sleeping in the open air, then the sleeping bag is absolutely essential and indispensable equipment in this context. If you want to spend the night outdoors, it is important that you have some good equipment with you, which ensures that you can always keep warm - there is nothing as uncomfortable as lying down and freezing, and then the chance is to get a lot of good hours of sleep quite small. If you are on a longer outdoor trip, then your body will also automatically take in more energy than it usually will, and thus it also needs to be able to recover while you get some sleep. In fact, we spend no less than a third of the day sleeping, and it is important that your sleep is of high quality. Therefore, do not compromise on the quality of your sleeping bag and also remember to choose one that both fits your body size and fits the season in which you are going to use it. In this way, the starting point for a good night's sleep really good and you are therefore ready to give it max gas the next day.

One thing that, as written, is important for comfort and a good night's sleep is the fit and size. If you are a person who prefers to be well-wrapped, then you should probably go for the mummy shape. This is because it is a close-fitting sleeping bag that reduces the amount of excess air around you. Thus, you will have easier by heating the sleeping bag - and by heating it quickly. If you are a person who most often sleeps on the side, then you should choose one where there is a little extra space. It will undoubtedly give you more to carry around, but you will in turn achieve a better sleep, which is what is important for your energy level the next day. If you are someone who sleeps on the side and chooses a tight-fitting sleeping bag, then you will easily be able to risk freezing on your back. It's about deciding what's important to you - and then choosing the fit that suits your wants and needs. You must also remember to relate to the length. You do not want to get hold of one that is too short and therefore cannot accommodate your entire body. If you buy one that is too short for you, then you will definitely get to freeze as the heated air can not circulate properly around the sleeping bag and keep you warm. If, on the other hand, you choose one that is too long for you, then you will also freeze because there is too much space in relation to what your body can heat. Therefore, spend enough time choosing the one that suits your body shape and length. Time is well spent as you want to be sure to get your fingers in the best possible sleeping bag for you. That is, you get hold of one where you lie comfortably and comfortably when you need to sleep.

At we have a good selection from well-known brands, which are carefully selected according to our quality policy, where we do not compromise on quality - it is very important to us. We try and test ourselves the majority of all the gear that finds its way to our shelves. Our selection includes Carinthia, Nordisk, Therm-A-Rest, YETI, Sea To Summit, The North Face and many many more. We also have sheet bags with us, and a sheet bag can easily prove to be the right solution for you. For example, you will find a sheet bag from Trekmates in fleece, which is perfect as a complement to the very cold nights. It can be used at the same time if you arrive in warmer skies with high night temperatures. We can also highly recommend the sheet bag from Lifeventure in silk, whose surface acts as a barrier against bed bugs and mosquitoes. Here on our site you can find 3-season sleeping bag as well as sleeping bags for winter or summer. If you are looking for a sleeping bag that is good for 3 seasons, then for example Carinthia Defence 4 is just the thing for you! It is incredibly popular as it is of high quality and comes in two different sizes. Carinthia's Defence 4 is insulated with G-LOFT and made of microfiber nylon.

A sleeping bag or sheet bag that is tailored to you

It can be difficult to navigate around the different models, but no matter when in the year you need to use it and how much money you want to spend on a sleeping bag, a sheet bag or other relevant equipment for accommodation in the open air, we have gathered a solid selection here on the website. Eg. we have both sleeping bags with down and fiber. Down does not weigh much and is easy to pack and transport. The down provides a high level of thermal insulation. The more these fill, the better the thermal insulation.

Are you in doubt about what to choose? Should it be a fiber-filled or a down-filled one of a kind? It is important that you are aware that both options have their advantages and disadvantages. What suits you best depends entirely on the situation and where you need to use it. The down-filled ones are typically lighter and do not take up much space in your luggage. This is because they have more air around them than fiber, which means that the contents can be pressed less and the volume is therefore not very large when the sleeping bag is packed together. However, do not be nervous that the smaller packing volume makes it less hot. That is not the case at all. Down warms surprisingly well in relation to its low weight. In addition, you even get a really high level of comfort. Conversely, fiber handles moisture and water much better. If a fiber-filled sleeping bag gets wet, then it will still have a good insulating ability and it will also dry quickly. This also makes fiber-filled sleeping bags much easier to maintain because the washing process is not as cumbersome - it is much easier to overcome. If you have to be completely concrete, then you can say that the advantages of a down are the durability, breathability, the small packing volume and its low weight. The disadvantages are the price level, the poor handling of moisture and water - and thus the more cumbersome washing method. The advantages of fiber are that they are good at handling water and moisture. They will still have a good insulating ability when wet. At the same time, they dry faster and are easier to maintain and wash. The price level is not as high on these either.

It will typically be reflected in the price that down is made from natural material. Here, however, one must keep in mind that down also has a better durability than fiber. That way, it's probably going straight up in the long run. It is said that a down-filled sleeping bag can last for 10-15 years, while a fiber-filled one can last for 5-10 years. These figures are of course based on the fact that you take good care of it and continuously take care of maintaining it. In order to achieve good maintenance, it especially requires that you know how to wash the gear correctly. You should not wash a sleeping bag often. The insulation and filling capacity can be damaged. The down-filled sleeping bags in particular can be damaged by being washed too often. Occasionally, however, a wash may be a necessity. The best thing for down is to be washed by hand - otherwise it must be washed at a really low temperature in the washing machine. Preferably do not get above 30 degrees. You need down soap - and then you need to be sure to wash all the soap out again. Then you should lift it up to protect the contents. Then dry it in the dryer where you have thrown at least three balls in the machine. Thus, the content will be distributed correctly again. Down has a tendency to clump together when it gets wet, as they are sensitive to water and moisture. They therefore have a hard time getting completely dry again if you are too fast in the drying process itself. This is very important to keep in mind as you must not pack it until you are absolutely sure it is completely dry! It will be harmed by that. Make sure the contents are evenly distributed by shaking it once an hour during the drying process. It may take some time before the dryer is completely dry. The best drying method is at low heat. Like around the 40 degrees.

Fiber sleeping bags are typically somewhat easier to maintain, as the washing process is much more affordable to get started with. Most people can handle a trip in the washing machine. However, there may be some that are a little more sensitive and therefore have better from being washed by hand. Therefore, always check the washing instructions on the product.

It is important to wash your product correctly so as not to damage the product. However, should you for some reason be so unlucky to get a hole in the outer material of your sleeping bag, then you can easily fix. It can also be it occurs during an outdoor activity. You can buy a Tear-Aid patch that is used to patch cracks and holes. Here you get a transparent patch with glue on one side. It works instantly and it can be used as a permanent solution to patch the hole that has occurred. So do not panic about it.

Buy your next sleeping bag online at

At you will find everything you need to get a good night's sleep out in nature. In this category we have collected ordinary and lightweight sleeping bags as well as sheet bags, and at we also have a wide selection of pillows. The pillows are available in inflatable versions and more common versions with goose down and other fillings. Many of the pillows are ideal for longer trips, where you may need a pillow at a hostel as well as on the train or bus ride. Comfort means everything when you are on the go, which is why the seat-friendly neck pillow has also become a classic among many travelers all over the world. Our experienced staff is available both by email, phone and in our showroom to guide you to what will be the best choice for you to choose everything according to your needs and desires.

That said, you get a number of benefits from shopping with us. If you shop online at, you always get our equipment a low price. Here at the webshop, we have implemented a price robot that will help us reach our goal of being among the cheapest on the market. Our pricing robot scans our competitors' prices once a day, after which it adjusts the prices of our own products on our webshop. That way, we always try to secure our place among the cheapest. Our work with the price robot means that we would very much like to be able to offer our customers the sharpest price at all times. That's what we want. Also remember that we send the packages free of charge if you order gear for more than 100 GBP on our webshop. We also have fast fast delivery on all our stock items. We strive for you to use your gear as quickly as possible. We know that the waiting time can seem incredibly long once you have ordered new delicious gear home.

You are also more than welcome to write or call us. You can reach us by sending us an e-mail at We always try to get the answer back to your email within a few hours so you do not have to wait for a response for too long. You can also choose to use our live chat, which you can find inside our webshop. We are also a branded webshop, so you do not have to be nervous about shopping with us. We want you to have a good and pleasant experience when you shop online here with us.

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