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To be completely technical and describe a tent in the very original and old-fashioned way, a tent is a dwelling consisting of a so-called skeleton, which consists of one or more either poles or branches, if it is one you have created yourself in the free. The skeleton itself is then covered with a cloth, a skin, a tarpaulin or as you know it today - a tent cloth. The cover itself is then, with the use of pegs and ropes, fastened firmly to the grass, the ground or whatever surface it may be. This should ensure good stability and can also be tied to surrounding trees to ensure that it is extra tight in case of rain, wind and stormy weather conditions. Maybe you do not exactly have plans to go out and create your own homemade tent out in nature, and therefore you have probably landed on our site here at, where we have a wide and deep range within the category. It is much easier to buy it all from home, rather than having to invent the deep dish outside in the wilderness with sticks, skins and tree trunks. Therefore, we would of course recommend you to take a look at the many options on this page, where everything is ready for you from the start. There are many things that are good and burgable to know before you go out and choose which specific model or variant you would like best. It is mega fat to sleep in a tent, but what factors do you really need to be aware of when you go out to the big market? The most important factors are first and foremost what type you are looking for, then how large a living area you need, how many openings you think you need, how the ventilation should be, and what need you have for both pockets, windows and other small subtleties that may end up playing a big and significant role in your future experiences out there. We want to make all this much wiser for you, so that you are properly dressed to choose exactly the tent that meets your requirements and matches your wishes and needs.
It's your little home when you're on the go. Whether you are camping with the family, in the woods to hunt or on a longer hike, you should carefully consider your needs before hitting 'buy'. Many people mistakenly think that it is just a place to spend the night, but a tent holds much more than that. In reality, many end up staying in their tent, for example, reading their book in the evening or playing cards with friends over the dim light from the lamp. In other words: it's paramount to your comfort and outdoor experience when you're on an adventure. One of the concepts we think you should know, whether you want to become wiser about the qualities of your tent or are looking for something new, is "water column pressure" which is a concept that shows the quality of your tent. Water column pressure shows how resistant it is, and in other words how durable it is in a given situation where weather conditions can be unstable. In fact, water column pressure is the technical definition of water in millimeters that 1 square meter of canvas can withstand before the water passes through. You can read much more about this on our blog universe GrejPedia.


However, it is not only the water column pressure that is important when you have to make a decision about which model makes the most sense for you. Likewise, you should consider choosing the material, as some are made of cotton while others are made of nylon or polyester. This has a lot to say in terms of both weight and durability, both of which are factors that are important when staying in nature, and each type of material has its advantages and disadvantages. Cotton tents can be heavy, but otherwise ensure an efficient and healthy indoor climate, as the cotton is resistant to some of the sun's UV rays. In contrast, nylon is lighter in weight, and is characterized by being strong and elastic, which also has an extremely good durability. Finally, we have polyester which is also at the slightly heavier end, but which has some clear advantages in that the material does not stretch in the rain, unlike nylon, which may have a tendency to this. In order to dive a little deeper into material, it is also relevant to examine the actual weaving in the material, as it has a great impact on the tear strength of materials. By far one of the most popular weaving solutions is ripstop weaving which aims to improve and increase tear strength. To ensure that the tent can withstand water, we look at the concept called coating, which also has an effect on the water column pressure. There are two different types of coating; silicone coating and PU coating, each of which has different properties. It applies to silicone coating that the silicone is pressed down into material, and it is thereby placed in several thin layers, and this type of coating increases the flexibility of the material. PU coating is a bit a heavier solution, but still incredibly effective as it comes on the inside. If you want to read more about the different types of materials or just want to get wiser about choosing a tent, you can read an entire post about it on GrejPedia.

Tent for 1, 2, 3 and 4 people

At we sell a large selection of very different coveted brands such as MSR, Nordisk and Helsport. We have especially focused on offering many sizes to make sure you do not visit our webshop in vain and you can easily find the model that suits the number of people you want. That is why we have gathered everything from the very young to 1 person, where it's just you and nature. But at the same time we also have the very large ones, which can accommodate up to 20 people. If you are going to a festival, we recommend our high version for 10 people, where you can both sleep and socialize. It can easily pay to go together for a bigger one of a kind, which firstly makes your camp a magnet for the rest of the festival guests, but which is also more robust and can last for several years. When you buy equipment for accommodation in nature, it is important that you have all the necessary things with you. In particular, it may be a good idea to buy a "footprint". A footprint can have several different purposes, and most of all, it can protect against sharp rocks and branches so you can avoid damaging your gear. Here at you will be able to find several different "footprints" in different sizes. As mentioned earlier, there are four so-called basic types of tents, which we will just briefly review below.

The first type is the so-called tunnel tent, which has either two or more parallel arches and is thus a very good use of space. The good thing about this model is that it can be set up together, which is always really nice in case of bad weather. However, this type may well be more sensitive to wind, and without pegs, it can unfortunately not stand. This type can be used for many different purposes but is best suited for summer.

Next, there is the type we call a dome tent. This will typically have two arcs crossing, which ensures that it will be both very strong and thus also very stable. The disadvantage is thus also that it can be a little heavier than the type above, which of course is a bit tiring if you have to drag it far. In return, it has a canopy beyond. Due to the fantastic stability, it can withstand harsh wind conditions, and therefore many people choose just this if they go hiking in the mountains in winter.

The next model is what we call is geodetic tent. This one has quite a few arcs that will cross many places, and this also makes it very stable in different weather conditions. It is a type that is very tall and pointed and will typically be good to use in the mountains and on expeditions. Therefore, this type is not exactly the one that most people use.

The last type is the so-called pointed tent, which like tipis does not have arches, but instead has poles. It consists of only one room, which in turn is a large room. Therefore, this type is the obvious choice if you have to go with many others, including e.g. on a camping trip. It is large and takes up a lot of space, and therefore it is also somewhat heavier to carry around.

Get a high quality tent

At we have a large selection of tents, so you can get one that you can use for many different purposes including camping, in the garden, for scouts and for many other purposes. At you can get one that withstands nature's harsh weather conditions. Many of them have been developed in collaboration with skilled outdoor enthusiasts, who leverage their valuable first-hand experience to know what details can really make a difference to your experience. Regardless of whether your tent is of high or low quality, you will be able to detect condensation. Condensation is not a sign of poor quality, but it may be a sign that your tent is tight. The best way to avoid condensation is by frequent ventilation. In addition, you should avoid cooking or drying clothes inside, as this can help to form condensation.

In order for you to be sure to enjoy your tent for many years to come, it is always a good idea to protect and maintain it. It must be able to withstand both wind and weather, and in order to maintain the high durability and improve service life, it is important that you impregnate it. When you buy a new tent, it is firstly always good to impregnate it before it is used, as a good round of thorough impregnation helps to extend its life, so it stays neat and well maintained for many years to come. After many years of use, we recommend re-impregnating as it strengthens and improves the properties. A good trick is to impregnate on the inside, as the impregnation can get through the fabric, and since the inside is typically the cleanest side, it can be easier for impregnation to penetrate here. If you want to learn more about how to impregnate your tent, you can read our thorough guide on GrejPedia. Before you impregnate, it is a good idea to clean it of dirt and grime, both outside and inside, and thereby you get a clean surface that you can treat. In general, it is recommended that you clean your tent at least once a year, as it is exposed to a bit of everything on the trip in the open air, but the most optimal is that you clean it every time it has been in use, to take care of and protect it. It is important that you pay attention to how it is to be washed, and thus you will not inflict damage. Some of the most important points when you are going to clean your tent is that you should not use the washing machine as it can give a completely opposite effect and thereby destroy both the seams and the properties of the material. In addition, it is important to be thorough and clean the small details of the tent. It can i.a. be the zipper, which needs a round of cleaning, where both soil, dirt and grime can get stuck. When you start with the large cleaning, it is important that the entire surface is spread out, and it is recommended to hang it on a clothesline or an object so that you can easily get an overview. In our guide "Cleaning the tent", you can read much more about the nine points where we review each point and what you should pay special attention to during the cleaning.

Advice and guidance

When you are on a hike, scout trip or something completely different, your tent is your base, and therefore it is important that you buy one that suits your needs and your purpose. If in doubt, take our advice. We have a wealth of employees who have extensive experience with accommodation in nature, and therefore together we can find the product that meets exactly your needs. When you buy equipment at, you have several options.

We have a number of cool benefits that should make it easy and convenient for you . Among other things, we have fast delivery of stock items, so you can be sure of receiving your goods and using them quickly. With 100 days exchange, you can easily send your items back if it does not live up to what you expected. In addition, you will receive free shipping on all orders over DKK 499.

If you have questions about any of the benefits we offer online, or want to continue with our equipment, you are always welcome to write an email to us at, where you can be sure to get hold of one of our helpful and experienced employees who will help you with expert guidance.

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