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In 1988, American highway rider Michael Eidson got the idea for the world's first hydration system. During the "Hotter'N Hell 100" bike race, which is a 160 km long race through the scorching heat of Texas, Eidson had brought a homemade hydration system consisting of a venflon liquid bag in a tennis sock with a piece of garden hose, and vupti, the world's first hands-free hydration system was born. An idea Michael Eidson got from man's most basic need - thirst! This led to the start-up of the renowned brand CamelBak, which is without a doubt one of the world's leading manufacturers in beverage systems.

Buy bottles and hydration systems for your purpose

At , we lead, in addition to the renowned brand CamelBak, many other sharp brands in the field of drinking water systems. We make a virtue of being able to offer you exactly the product you need. Therefore, we can i.a. offer you quality brands such as Nalgene and Platypus. Nalgene designs recyclable plastic bottles in many smart colors and sizes and can thus offer a good alternative to the common use and throw-away water bottle. Platypus has a large selection of durable plastic containers in many sizes that can hold the extra amount of water you need on a strenuous trip.

Good selection of field bottles

If you are looking for a field bottle that can be used for tactical use, we can e.g. recommend the brands Gerber and the affordable alternative Savotta, which produces the absolutely classic field bottle in the well-known military style. Gerber is an American brand that specializes in producing the best quality equipment whether it is for the civilian market or tactical equipment and equipment for the military. At Gerber , innovation and functionality are two core values, and this is reflected in their range of quality products. A field bottle from Gerber is not just a water bottle, but a functional product for strenuous trips in the field. The functionality of Gerber comes i.a. for expression in the smart screw cap that is easy to operate even with gloves on. In addition, Gerber has made many of their products in collaboration with the former English fighter Bear Grylls, who is also known from various TV shows. Their fake field is just that of the many Gerber products made with Bear Grylls.

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We have a large selection, and therefore can offer you folding cups, folding water bottles, thermoses and a good selection of smart and useful accessories for your CamelBak hydration system. In addition, you will find all our water bottles right here. At , you do not have to look long for the product that matches your needs. We have drinking bottles for every occasion, whether it is for the mountain bike ride, the run or on a long hike in the Norwegian mountains, where it is absolutely essential to have control of the fluid balance. Welcome to our online shop, where we are proud to present you a large selection of drainage systems and cans!