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Powerbank - Charge your smartphone or tablet on the go

A powerbank is a battery designed to be able to charge various objects with USP ports, including especially your phone, when it soon has no more power left. It allows charging when you are not near power. When is it really relevant to use this little charging item, how does it work specifically, and why is it so ingenious for you who are an outdoor enthusiast? It may also be that you are not as such a dedicated outdoor enthusiast, but you may need this great solution when, for example, you are on summer vacation, at a festival, out flying or maybe just on the go in everyday life. There are many reasons why it can be useful to invest in such one and there are many different models, depending on what you want and what you need. All this we put into words in the text below. You can simply get answers to all these questions here, where there is full focus on the product's properties and how to use it. In addition, we discuss the options and functions that exist when you have to choose the perfect model that will perfectly suit your personal needs and preferences. It is clear that battery technology has not been able to keep up with smartphone development. We are increasingly experiencing more and more fantastic features on our deathly smart and modern phones, but at the same time it also means that the battery life is reduced. Most people charge their phones daily, which is not really the big problem as long as you are within the safe confines of civilization. We must also just acknowledge that we use our phones more and more and thus they also run out of power faster. However, it immediately gets worse when we take out-of-town far away for power switches and charging options to get us one on the experience. The obvious lack of electrical outlets creates a challenge for many outdoor life lovers around the world. We live in a digitalized world where we have created a need to constantly have access to our smartphone. The big problem today is typically that our electronics also play a big role in keeping us informed, getting in touch with others and not least by using the indispensable gps function, which is especially a huge security and help, if you are in the wilderness, and maybe even go on your own. We have the solution for that right here on With a power bank, you can completely charge the essential technology without power and sockets and ensure that functionality is not lost due to something as silly as a battery!

Powerbank for iPhone and laptop

In short, a powerbank is a portable rechargeable battery that you can use to charge your electronic devices. It can thus be indispensable on various outdoor trips, festivals, on self-drive holidays, for sports and travel and much more, where sometimes there will be a long way to an electrical outlet. It can also happen that you are a gamer and may be one of the many who often play when you are on the go, then you are also well aware of how much power a phone can use on it. With the perfect model on you, there is nothing to stop you from playing crazy on the go. When you have a fully charged powerbank with you, then you do not have to worry about a phone that goes out either when you commute and want to play, go to a concert, to a meeting or just on a long trip without connection to a right power plug. In this way, you can also always be sure that you can get in touch with both family and friends along the way, which helps to create a lot of security. It is precisely when you are on the go that the most application tones for smartphones can be most needed. Therefore, it also makes no sense to run out of power, just when you need your technology the most. If you choose one from the popular brand Xtorm, you can easily charge your phone or computer like nothing. It is important to note that some of the models may have multiple outputs, which allow you to charge several different devices at once. In addition, there are also models that are so powerful that they can charge a tablet or a computer.

When you have to assess which model to choose, it makes sense that you first decide how long you want it to hold on to the current, which appears in the designation mAh. It is worth taking into account that if you need to use it in everyday life, then you basically have charging options at home both in the morning and in the evening, and thus you may not need one with extremely high capacity. If, on the other hand, you need to use it on either a trip or backpacking trip, where you can not be quite sure where and when you will have access to a power source, then it can definitely be valuable to invest in one with a somewhat higher capacity. Of course, it can also just be great to have one with high capacity, even if it may only be used in everyday life. That way, in everyday life you are also sure to have a powerbank that can last for a few days, and it is also super nice, and in this way you can much better relax and enjoy everyday life without having to worry about whether the device is running out of power as well as whether your powerbank is charged. The point, of course, is just that you need to make sure you choose the model with the capacity that exactly suits you and your personal needs, desires and preferences. It is a small, compact and not least ingenious invention that makes sure to give you lots of security when you are outside the home. It fits quite easily in almost all bags, as it can always be just pressed down. In addition, it can charge everything with a USB input, and therefore of course there is also the option to either charge your wireless headphones, your camera or whatever else it could be nice to be able to charge on the go, in addition to just your phone.

If you are an outdoor person or perhaps need to take it on a trip or hike, then it can be very advantageous to prioritize one where the material is robust so that it does not become too fragile. It is annoying to have to go and worry about whether it might risk breaking, so if you choose one in robust quality then you will get rid of this unnecessary worry. Best of all, there is a sea of rugged models on the market, so finding variants in rugged quality is no problem. At , we at least believe that robustness is an important and decisive factor when you have to make your choice. Maybe you have also wondered if you really have to take your powerbank on a plane when you go out and fly, because what are the rules really when it comes to flying in this area? The rules are such that when you travel by plane, it is allowed to carry it in your hand luggage. Most models are approved in relation to having to take them on airplanes. It is such that one usually calculates from Watt hours (abbreviated as Wh) when it comes to being able to measure its power over a single hour. If it is less than 100 Wh, then it is OK to carry it in your hand luggage. A USB battery can be used to charge a wide range of several different types of devices, as also mentioned above. But it is also relevant to consider how many times a day you actually need to charge the different kinds of devices during a day and how often you unsuccessfully end up running feverishly around for an electrical outlet. Often you also find that you need to charge several things at the same time because they may run out of power at the same time. Either way, here at we have gathered a large selection.

A powerbank that suits your needs

At we sell a large and exclusive selection in different models and sizes. For example, we sell battery sizes from 4000 mAh to 18,000 mAh with associated fair prices depending on how much capacity is desired. But perhaps it is precisely the large selection that can make it difficult to choose the right one. When choosing, there are a number of specifications you need to look at. Among other things, you need to look at capacity, which will often be specified in mAh. This specification is an expression of how many times you can charge your electronic devices. If your smartphone has a battery capacity of 2000 mAh and your powerbank has a capacity of 10,000 mAh, then you will be able to charge your smartphone five times. Read about mAh on GrejPedia, which is our own blog page, where you have the opportunity to get a lot of good advice, inspiration and advice and guidance. However, there will always be a loss of power, so that is only a rule of thumb. Another rule of thumb is that battery capacity and size are often related. Therefore, a model with high battery capacity will also most often be larger. One specification you can also take a look at is "output". Output can tell you something about how fast your electronic device will charge. The numbers at output can be difficult to understand, but a good rule of thumb here is that one with high output will provide faster charging than one with low output. At we sell variants in different sizes, with different capacities and outputs. They are all easy and intuitive to use, and most are equipped with a light indicator so you always know when it's time for a recharge. Their designs are compact, making them easy to carry. If you want even easier access to power, you can also get different covers with a built-in power bank.

In addition to being able to charge all types of devices, as long as there is a USB port, there are also several models where you can charge several devices at once, which can be really smart, especially if both camera and phone run out. power at the same time. And often it all typically loses power at the same time, right? It's just typical. With a powerbank with several USB ports, you have a fantastic opportunity to be able to charge more than just one thing at a time. Therefore, you must also go in and assess whether you prioritize either being able to charge several items at the same time, or whether it is better that you can charge your phone up to several times, for example. The more USB ports the larger the powerbank itself will thus also be, and the price also increases when the number of USB ports increases. However, you also really need to think and weigh both pros and cons. For conversely, it is also really bitter and annoying to suddenly stand and lack connectors if it all of a sudden just runs out of power. Next, you also need to think about whether you know you have a fixed bag where you can store it or whether you may have to always carry it in your pocket. If the latter is the case, then it's just really impractical with a model that is big and heavy, and you might quickly get really tired of it. It's cheaper to choose the right one from the start, rather than choosing the wrong one and later having to go out and invest in a new one again, just because you might not have thought through all the scenarios the first time.

One thing is the number of mAh, but there is actually also a difference in how fast it is able to charge. In addition to the amount of capacity, the number of USB ports and both size and weight, you can also go in and assess your need for how fast - or slow - charging you think you need. This applies both when the powerbank itself needs to be charged and when it needs to charge your various devices. Most of us would probably quite naturally prefer that both types of charging will take place as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, it is also just the case that the faster the charges have to take place, the more the price will of course also increase as the speed increases. Therefore, you also need to think about how much this feature creates value for you, and whether it makes really good sense for your personal needs to have this extra, practical feature, and whether it thereby creates value for you to throw the extra money away to get a faster charge. The actual speed of charging is stated in input values and output values, which are measured in both volts and in amperes, which are in current and in voltage. You can always look at these values on the individual products. The speed is determined by different current values such as 5V / 1A: slow speed, 5V / 2A medium speed. 5V / 2.4A: fast speed and finally 9V / 3.0A: fastest speed. You can find some models on the market that have values in between, but as a starting point, count confidently that the higher the numbers, the faster the speed is. Here online at we have gathered a solid selection, and with this you can also find models with different speeds, depending on what you want and prefer. Very often a high price also equals a high speed, and this is where you can choose to save a little, if speed does not play a particularly big role for you.

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At , we specialize in selling indispensable gear to everyone who loves to get out into nature and experience the world. People are incredibly inventive, and we especially enjoy this in our industry, where small inventive ideas can make a big difference when you are outdoors. A powerbank is an obvious example of this. Here, the many possibilities of technology are combined with the needs of today, which end up in an innovative and aesthetic product that we absolutely love. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help guide you through the jungle of gear! We are ready for customer service by e-mail We are well aware that good advice, guidance and help in finding the right products is the way forward when you need to invest in new gear. Many of our products also often require a longer explanation and advice, especially if you are not so familiar with the different types of gear. Therefore, we make a great virtue out of offering our customers a world-class customer service, so in this way we are sure that we will be able to give our customers the best service and experience.

At , we also want to have our customers in focus. Precisely for this reason, we have gathered a number of benefits that will make it easy to shop for gear on We have, among other things, fast delivery of stock items, low prices and 100 days exchange. On our page under Information, we have gathered all our benefits, so you can quickly get an overview of all the great benefits you are sure to get when you shop here with us. You can read much more about the individual benefits by clicking on the individual, where you can get all the information about that benefit. Are you interested in hearing more about, our products and great offers? So follow us on social media or sign up for our newsletter. Here we will do what we can to keep you updated on the coolest gear, the coolest company and the coolest deals. On social media, you can find us on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. We often make cool posts where we either show great news, run some good competitions or just come up with good tips, tricks, inspiration and much more. If you do not already follow us on our platforms, then we would clearly recommend you to jump in and do so, so you are always up to date on what is happening to cool things. We at will wish you very good fun with your purchase, and we hope that you will return when you need new cool gear next time.