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Ski underwear men

To get the best outdoor experience in the cold, it is essential that you choose the right set of ski underwear men. The ski underwear is the innermost layer of clothing, and it is even one of the most important things for your attire - especially when you are out on the slopes on the ski holiday and the cold is really strong. The overall purpose of ski underwear men is to transport sweat and moisture away from the body so that you just avoid getting wet, cold and sick. It is also important that it suits your particular activity level. Basically, there is a choice between synthetic art materials and the completely classic wool material. Both types have both advantages and disadvantages. It is always recommended to have a set in both wool and microfiber, as this way you have something that suits the different weather conditions and temperatures.

High quality men's ski underwear

At we have a solid selection of men's ski underwear in good quality. Whether it is for ski holidays or just for outdoor use when it is cold, it is important that the ski underwear is of top quality. Whether you are able to keep warm is of great importance for whether it will be a good skiing holiday - a good set of ski underwear for men ensures that you are kept dry and warm. This of course provides the best comfort and thus skiing pleasure and holiday experience. Here at we have a mixed range that includes includes ski underwear for men from The North Face, 5.11 and Savotta. When you are on a ski holiday, it is important to wear a ski undershirt and a pair of ski underpants, which are of good quality. Ski underwear for men must fit snugly to the body, so that the sweat is transported away and you can keep warm. Even though it fits snugly to the body, there is also a lot of stretch in it, and you therefore still achieve a really good movement. A really good comfort is achieved by choosing a ski undershirt from Smartwool. It has flat seams, which counteracts the fact that there are seams that gnaw, and you thus avoid irritable skin. In addition, most of the ski underwear for men at has received an antibacterial treatment, so it stays fresh and odor-free - even after repeated use.

Warm wool underwear men

If you often have problems keeping warm on the ski trip or when you stay outside for a longer period of time, a pair of long ski underpants and a ski undershirt from The North Face are just the thing for you. From here you can buy ski underwear made from a mixture of wool and HyActive fabric, which both keeps you nice and warm and transports sweat. Such a set of warm ski underwear is good for so-called stop-and-go activities, where you are alternately active and less active. A set of wool underwear for men is therefore practical if you both need to keep warm and have the sweat transported away from the body - it works that way as a set of warm underwear. In general, there are a number of super relevant benefits if you choose a set of wool underwear men. It is i.a. worth mentioning that the wool material first and foremost has the best insulation and warmth. Even if it gets wet, it still has a warming effect. In addition, it is a natural material, and if you choose merino wool, you are even sure that the material does not scratch and bother. The material ensures good sweat transport, and it is also basically antibacterial, so it does not easily smell unpleasant. It is even dirt and dirt repellent, which is a property that wool has from nature. Compared to synthetic fabric, the wool material is a little slower to dry, and if it is not cared for properly, there is a risk that it will shrink in washing.

Hunting underwear for men that keeps you warm in the cold

If you like hunting, you may have had trouble keeping warm when you are out for a whole day. To avoid that problem, we have a wide range of warm hunting underwear for men. Among our Sikta Core Series, we have a wide selection of hunting underwear for men, which always makes sure to keep you warm while hunting. The hunting undershirt retains heat and maintains a high breathability. A number of our jackets in this series neutralize odor using Polygiene Odor Control technology. This technology helps ensure that your hunting underwear stays fresh and fragrant. Our hunting underwear for men is in super good quality, and ensures that you are kept dry and warm. It is important that your hunting underwear has a good comfort, so you always ensure 100% free movement, while there is a good stretch in the hunting underwear that always ensures comfortable comfort. The Sikta Core Series has top quality products that are suitable for both active and sedentary hunting, which keeps you warm and transports sweat away from the body. All products from Sikta are characterized by using optifade camouflage, where the clothes are produced based on how and what animals see in the nature you are in - the clothes are adapted and designed accordingly. This of course also applies to the Sikta Core Series, where both the hunting undershirt and long hunting underpants for men are adapted to nature. As a hunter, you adapt 100% to the environment you move in, and at the same time make sure that the movements you make are blurred. When buying our hunting underwear, you are sure to be dressed correctly and warmly from the inner to the outer layer. With us, we also have a large selection of hide and camouflage for hunting, so you have the complete equipment when you go hunting.

The coolest ski underwear at

At we do our best to be able to offer you the best prices on the market - always. We think that quality is important, and we therefore only have an assortment that guarantees this. A bad set can ruin an otherwise good skiing holiday, so therefore we always choose according to quality and comfort. Do you need further help and guidance? You always have the opportunity to contact our customer service at the email address

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