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Ignition steel and other ignition equipment

When you are out in nature, it is a good idea to always have equipment for lighting a fire. Whether it is for a gas burner, a fire, a grill or something else, we at have ignition for it all. Someone may have tried to forget the matches at home, and then you have to experiment with a flint stone and some steel - but it can be a time consuming process, so we recommend that you instead buy your equipment for lighting with us! That way, you are always sure to be able to light a fire with good equipment.

Matches and matches that work

Maybe you have tried to have a pack of matches with you, which has been completely soaked by the rain - and then there is just nothing to line up. Unless you buy matches at From here you can get waterproof matches, where the box has a water-repellent ironing surface. That way, you can always light a fire regardless of the weather. Next, we also sell storm matches, which secure you fire despite strong winds. Spark plugs are also a practical and easy way to create fire, and you will also find it at Ignition steel ignites easily flammable material by scraping a knife or the handle that comes with it over the ignition steel.

Alcohol tablets for lighting

At we also have a selection of alcohol tablets, which are also good for lighting fires. For example, we sell alcohol tablets from Esbit, which can even be used several times! The alcohol tablets are primarily used for cooking and heating beverages, but they can also easily start a fireplace, grill or a fire. With us you can buy alcohol tablets in different packs and sizes. Some of the alcohol tablets have a burning time of 5 minutes, while others have one of 12 minutes - so we have alcohol tablets for your specific needs.

Spark plugs, matches etc. at

If you are looking for other tools for lighting, we also have a resistant and powerful gas lighter that works in all kinds of weather. It is super practical and easy to handle, and then it has a wind-repellent flame that can be adjusted in size. At, we thus have everything you need to get started on either your fire, your gas stove or your alcohol burner. At we have day-to-day delivery, so you can have your goods before you go on a trip. In addition, we have a price guarantee on all products, so you are assured that we are always the cheapest. In short, you can shop safely and securely with us and always get the best products, at the best price.