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Weapon accessories

The right weapon accessory is the alpha omega for a good hunting experience, both when you are hunting with the shotgun and the rifle. It is therefore important that you have the right weapon accessories before, during and after the hunt. At we sell a large selection of weapon accessories. Among other things, we have cases, suitcase cases, rifle straps, shooting sticks, cartridge belts and holders, weapon care and laser lights for mounting on your weapon. Here you will also find shooting discs if you need to train.

Before the hunt

In order to transport your rifle safely to and from the saw, it is important to store it in a case. It is also mandatory for your weapon to be in a closed case during transport to and from the hunt or shooting range. Here you can advantageously store it in a rifle bag, or even safer, in a suitcase specially designed for the purpose. That is why it is also important to have weapon accessories before the hunt.

Weapon accessories during the hunt

During the hunt, you can also make it easier for yourself with the right weapon accessories. Among other things, we can recommend a rifle strap so that you can easily and effortlessly transport your rifle around between the saws. A cartridge holder makes sure that your ammunition is always in control, so you do not have to fumble with the pockets full of cartridges. With a shooting stick, you ensure that your rifle is stable and that you can hit even long distances. It is important to choose a shooting stick that can be set quickly, easily and silently during the hunt, so you do not scare the game. Do you often hunt in the early morning or in the evening, as it e.g. is the case with wild boar hunting or duck hunting, it can also be a really good idea with a flashlight so you are always sure you can see the prey or find it. We offer many different laser lights, most of which can be mounted directly on your rifle and turn on quickly if you find yourself in a situation where light is essential.

The importance of weapon accessories after the hunt

As hunters, we are often out in both rain, snow and sleet, which requires a special treatment of your weapon. It is important that you always get your weapon wiped when you come home from hunting to avoid rust formation both inside and outside the barrel. The best tool for that task is a dry cloth and a good acid-free weapon oil. To get completely into running, you can advantageously use a cleaning kit or a BoreSnake, which you pull through the barrel to remove gunpowder sludge. At we sell a large selection of weapon accessories, so you can find several different care products for your weapons, so you do not have to look elsewhere. We are proud to help you with the best hunting experiences.