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At we have a large selection of equipment for military, outdoor and hunting and on this page you will find several different backpack chairs for both hunting and fishing. It can be both super practical but also extremely functional when the situation demands it. A hunting chair is the ultimate equipment for the hunter, who loves to go on longer hunting trips, where you may need to sit comfortably. On this page you can find a large selection of high quality that you can use at any time. We have hunting chairs in different shapes and for different purposes, so you can be sure to find some that suit your needs. All our gear is carefully selected according to our quality policy, where we in no way compromise on quality. This way you can make sure that your equipment can be used for many years.

Hunting chair with backpack

When you are on the move and are out in the field, there must also be time to sit down and gather strength. If you have a backpack with a chair, you will not go completely wrong in the city or the forest for that matter. The backpack chair itself has many functions. The pockets are really easy to get to, even when sitting on the chair. The seat pad is stretched out when there is weight on it, and this is how you maintain the hunting chair with your own weight. We have a wide selection of hunting chairs with backpacks, where you can have all your hunting equipment in and thus have an all-in-one solution. In addition to a combination of backpack and hunting chair, we also have regular chairs that you can easily carry with you when you are hunting. On this page you will find hunting equipment at good prices. 

Fishing chair for the fishing trip

Whether fishing with a spinner, stopper or fly, it can always be a pleasure to pull away a little and enjoy the silence and serenity. With a fishing chair, you do not even have to sit at the benches with the fishing bag, but you can instead move further away and find the perfect place to cast from. With the pockets in the side of the bag, you are also ready to be able to quickly switch to some other gear if the situation requires a spin instead of a stopper. Our selection of fishing chairs is large and we give you the best equipment on the market. 

Buy a hunting chair online 

On this page you will find our large selection of hunting chairs. Most bags are built with several pockets, so you can easily have all the necessary gear with you on your trip. The folding chairs are designed so that it is always easy to get to the pockets, so you have all the good equipment distributed, so it is both easy to get to, but also easy to secure in the pockets again. At we have both hunting chairs in leather and other materials such as canvas and polyester. All are in high quality and in such durable material that you hardly notice the chair has been used before. Buy your hunting chair or fishing chair online at today. If you are missing your hunting equipment at short notice, then you have come to the right place. We have fast delivery on stock items, your new cool gear will arrive quickly. If you order for more than 100 GBP, you also get free shipping. If the chair does not fit you, or if you have ordered the wrong one, you can easily exchange it, with our 100-day free exchange. If you need help choosing a hunting chair, you are very welcome to write an email to We look forward to trading with you.