Can I return one or multiple products from my order made at

Yes, no problem!

At you have 100 days to return one or more products from your order. The return process are as follows:

  1. Pack the product(s) in a box
  2. Create a parcel label and let us know via E-Mail what products you are shipping back to us. Please use our return portal here.
  3. We receive it at our warehouse and will afterwards solve it ASAP.

If you have a complaint case with a faulty product, please contact our customer service at

What does it cost to return my order?

When you use the parcel label via our return portal, it cost 6,5 GBP for the shipping. This will be deducted on your order, when we handle the return.
This price includes shipping, insurance, VAT and duties.
If you choose to use your own label from the post office, please write 

Extended treatment times on complaints
Please note that due to COVID-19, extended processing times for complaints may occur. As a starting point, we strive to process complaints within a maximum of 3 weeks, however, there may be a longer waiting time depending on the product and manufacturer.

We want to solve the cases as soon as possible, if possible.

Carinthia products can take up to 6 weeks, as the product is sent to the factory in Austria, where it is repaired.