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Tent pegs

Tent pegs are an object that must be placed in the ground and they are intended to hold and hold the tent down. On this page you will find our large selection of various models and variants, each with its own good features. We have tent pegs in different lengths and thicknesses as well as in different types of materials. With our large selection, you have the opportunity to find exactly what suits your needs and your budget. 

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At we only sell the cool gear, and we have a large selection of it. We have carefully selected the coolest products so we can offer you the best and coolest selection. In addition to tent pegs, we also have a large selection of tents and other equipment that you can use when you go on a trip in the open air. So if you are a real outdoor enthusiast, then you have come to the right place. If you only have questions that you want answered, we will point out that you can contact our customer service at the email address Here, our customer service staff will be ready to answer any questions you may have.

Tent pegs in different materials

Our tent pegs are available in several different materials, and you can therefore choose the material you like best. They are typically made of materials that typically consist of various metals, such as aluminum, titanium and steel. It is also possible to find variants in plastic. Some of the models in plastic are designed to be luminescent, which can be an advantage in the dark, so you avoid stumbling over them. However, it is important to be aware that the plastic models are not nearly as resistant. In addition, the shapes are also different. The shape is relevant because the right shape can make the tent pegs fit better in the ground. This way you make sure that your tent stands firmly even in bad weather. The weather is often erratic, and therefore it is an advantage to buy some tent pegs that are able to withstand weather changes. Our tent pegs also come in different colors. The color can be very important as color creates visibility, which is why they will be easier to find when you need to pack your equipment together. In particular, the visibility of them can help to minimize the chance of being overlooked, tripped and, in the worst case, injured. Therefore, it can be an advantage to have this detail in the considerations around your purchase. It is also essential to draw attention to the fact that the different tent pegs can be suitable for different types of surfaces, including e.g. models suitable for use in substrates consisting of stone.

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When you buy tent pegs on, you can buy packages with different numbers. For example, some will be 2-pack, while others are 10-pack. At , we have a strong focus on providing the best customer service, so it is easy and convenient for you to shop online. That is why we have, among other things, fast delivery on all stock items, which helps to minimize the delivery time, and thus your waiting time. At you always get a free order if you order for more than 100 GBP and we offer 100 days free exchange. In order to get a good price on your gear, you should also be aware that we often have good offers and sales, so you can buy some cheap gear. We hope you find the equipment you are looking for. wishes you a good experience with your purchase and your new gear.