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The hammock was invented many years ago, but no one knows exactly when it was invented. During Columbus' voyages of discovery back in the late 15th century in Central and South America, one could see through records that the natives used them as a sleeping tool. However, it took several decades before people in the West opened their eyes to the alternative bed solution. In the beginning, the hammocks were used in shipping, but later they became widespread throughout the world, as a bed solution or just for pure relaxation. When you are hiking in the open air, a hammock can be a good alternative if you are in a place in nature where it e.g. is hard to find a good place for your tent. We would like to remedy this problem here at, and therefore we also offer a wide selection of hammocks on our website. At we are big supporters of this solution, as it is easy to set up in nature and weighs minimally when you have it in your backpack. The perfect sleeping tool to transport when you are on a trip outdoors and want to sleep formidably. In addition, the hammock also ensures that you are not in direct contact with the ground, which can also be an advantage. On our website, in addition to our wide selection, you will also be able to find similar accessories.


At we have a hammock for everyone, but it is important that you consider what need it must meet before you choose which one you should own. In our selection you will find different price levels to suit different needs, so that there is something for everyone. Whether you need a hammock, where the purpose is solely to relax in the hot summer days or whether it is for the outdoor enthusiast, you will be able to find it here at We have carefully selected the brands in our range, as we want you as a customer to get the best quality for the price. These brands manufacture equipment of the highest quality, which is suitable for outdoor use, where e.g. spend several days out in nature. A hammock can also be the perfect equipment to bring if you are traveling as a backpacker under warmer skies and want to bring a sleeping tool that does not take up much space and weighs minimally. Our hammocks are also made of durable materials, have integrated mosquito nets and oversail so you can stay dry overnight.


Under the category of hiking and travel equipment, you will in addition to hammocks be able to find associated accessories. We are sure that you will be able to find exactly the equipment you need when you go on a trip in the open air. You can e.g. advantageously bring a drybag to ensure that your items stay dry throughout the trip. A drybag is, as the word suggests, designed in materials that help keep things dry. It is perfect to take on the trip outdoors, as it is easy to transport and some of our selected models are even designed with harnesses, so they can be used as independent bags. In addition, in this category we also have equipment such as books, maps, compasses, mosquito nets, personal care and equipment for water purification. All equipment that helps you get the best outdoor experience.


When you shop at, we place great emphasis on the quality of our products and customer service being top notch. That is why we also offer a number of benefits that help to make your shopping experience good. We therefore offer fast delivery of stock items, and if your order even has a total value of more than 100 GBP we pay for the shipping.  Should you be so unlucky to receive an item such as. has the wrong size, so fear not. At , we have 100 days of free exchange, which means that you as a customer can send the item back free of charge and subsequently receive the correct item.