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Swiss Army Knives

The Swiss company Victorinox has been manufacturing knives and tools for all sorts of purposes since 1884. They are best known as "The Original Swiss Army Knives" or just "Swiss Army Knives". This is because Victorinox has been supplying equipment to the Swiss Army since 1891. Victorinox equipment is known for being of top quality and is so well known throughout the world that they are simply called Swiss Army Knives. Whether you are going camping, tent camp, hunting, fishing or something completely different, you can be sure that there is one for exactly the purpose you want. Victorinox Swiss Army Knives are available in many different versions: You can find very simple models with very few tools, and you can find models that work almost like a whole toolbox in pocket size. Since there are so many different versions, there is something for everyone's needs. Victorinox today produces far more than just their well-known Swiss Army Knives, as they also specialize in kitchen knives, watches, travel gear and perfumes. However, the original Swiss Army Knife is their core product and has played a pioneering role in the development of all product categories with quality in focus. They guarantee that their products meet the highest standards in all areas and the quality has never been compromised. That is why they have also chosen to have all their products made in Switzerland, so that they can have close control over everything they produce. It is this level of quality that has enabled them to be leaders both in Switzerland and in the rest of the world. At we will sell the entire range of Victorinox product range of folding knives and tools, so you can find the one that suits you.

Different types of Victorinox Swiss Army Knife

Victorinox has divided their knives into different classes. The two best known are Swiss Army Officer Knives 84 mm and Swiss Army Officer Knives 91 mm. In addition, Victorinox Swiss Army Knives are made in a classic series, outdoor series, Pioneer series, Alu series and in some special editions. If you do not find what you are looking for then just feel free to contact us as we can supply all kinds of Swiss Army Knives. If you are looking for Victorinox Multi-Tools then click here.

Swiss Army Knives with a world of possibilities

When you buy a Victorinox Swiss Army Knife, you get a tool that you can use for daily use, on the hunt or for your experiences in nature. They come in several models, sizes, designs and designs, so there should be one for everyone's needs. They are manufactured in models and designs that have between 1-50 functions. There are small models that are known as the classic Swiss Army knife with one function. In addition, there are larger models that can have up to 50 functions. With the latter, you actually get a small compact toolbox, which takes up so little space that you can have it in your pocket. With the toolbox in your pocket, you can handle most situations you will encounter in everyday life or during your experiences in nature. Therefore, a Swiss Army knife is the perfect tool for you who love life in nature, as you typically in these situations face challenges where the right gear is needed.

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