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Sharpening stone and knife sharpener

Here at, we recommend all our customers to sharpen their tools, as this is a method of maintaining the knife performance and service life. This way it stays strong, sharp and thus it does not lose its effect and you will have a faithful tool for many years yet. There are several different ways in which you can sharpen your tool, and it is really up to you as a user to choose which method you are most comfortable using. Which method is best for you is basically about what kind of tool or equipment you have and use.

Let's say that you e.g. has a knife which is your faithful companion to everything and you will of course want to extend its longevity and performance for your own sake. Over time, it will become duller and duller, which is inevitable if it does not receive the proper and necessary care. A blunt knife is a dangerous knife, and where a risk can be minimized, there is a possible accident and less damage. That is why we think it is important that you give your knife the right maintenance care, as it thus lasts longer and you get the most out of it. We would therefore like to recommend that you go out and invest in a knife sharpener or a grindstone so that you can keep your knife sharp for many years to come.

On this page, we have carefully selected several different knife sharpeners and grindstones, so you can both get some rough and some extra fine depending on which product you need to care for and care for. Whether you need a knife sharpener, a sharpening stone or an entire sharpening set, we have it here at If you do not find the exact product you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact us. We would rather than like to investigate whether we can get the desired product to your home, even if this should not be part of our range. Should you be completely at a loss as to what will be the perfect match for you and your tools, do not hesitate to contact us, because we are happy to help with big and small. Here at, it is extremely important to us that our customers find exactly what they are looking for. That is why we have in our range several different knife sharpeners that can be used for all kinds of situations. Among other things, we have our popular sanding set from Lansky, which contains 3 different diamond grindstones of different roughness. With this sanding set, you are guaranteed a perfect sharpness after use. Furthermore, safety is paramount, so you avoid accidents and injuries with possible injuries. One of our other popular products is the compact knife sharpener from Gerber. It is incredibly efficient and does its job to the utmost.

How should I use a grindstone?

If you have never used an abrasive product, here is a short how-to that you can read to get a feel for how to do it. However, we would always recommend that you read the instructions for use on the product that you are buying. A notable brand in grinding stones is Lansky, which comes with grinding oil for all their standard sets that can be used for all natural and ceramic stones. However, the oil should not be used if you have invested in their diamond set as it can ruin the diamond stones. The oil is used so that natural or ceramic stone is not destroyed. In addition, a clamp is included for mounting your knife when it needs to be sharpened for increased stability and safety. Furthermore, a table holder can be purchased, which can be fixed to your table top, but this can also easily just stand on the table when it is to be used.

It is always a good idea to start with the coarsest stone if your knife is very dull. If you just need to sharpen the knife because it is a bit dull and just lacks the last thing to be completely sharp, then you can kind of start with a medium or finer stone instead of the coarse one. Before you start grinding, always remember to put a single drop of your oil on the stone to prevent metal dust from the knife from settling on the grindstone. The stone can be damaged if you do not use the oil. It is important that you apply new oil to each grindstone. When grinding the blade on your knife, it is important that you grind in long strokes from one end of the stone to the other, as this way you avoid forming an arc in the grindstone, making it unusable. When sanding, simply drive approx. 4 cm. to the knife per. stroke all the way to the end of the knife and back again. If you are dealing with a very dull knife, you can continue the procedure about 20 times. In between the procedures, check on the underside whether you can feel an incipient "beard", which indicates that the knife is being sharpened enough on that side. Once one side is sanded, continue in the same way on the other side. The same procedure is repeated against the finest grindstone, where you will be able to see the egg (edge) of the knife peeking out again. In addition, it is important to mention that the "beard" can be difficult to feel when you grind with the finest stones in the end. You / the finest stone, you can easily just stroke the knife 3-4 times on both sides, as it just helps to give the knife the final sharpness.

Finally, wipe your knife off excess oil and metal dust before giving your knife a go with a leather strap that polishes the last one away and gives a perfectly sharp edge. The leather grinder may only be used by grinding from top to bottom of the knife, as from below and up will damage the leather grinder. Last but not least, we'll just get a few quick tips for this whole talk about sharpening tools and knives. If you want to get the best result and wear as little as possible on your knife, we believe that all tools and knives should be sharpened every now and then even though some claim that their product never needs this. Tools and knives used for cutting are exposed to friction each time, which means that the knife will lose its sharpness over time. No matter what and how much the manufacturer promises, you do not avoid the physics of this.

Knife sharpener, grindstone or grinding set?

When you need to care for your knife, you have several different options, of which a knife sharpener is one of them. A knife sharpener in the form of a grindstone is the most practical solution, as it can easily be in your pocket, so you can sharpen your tool exactly when you need it. Another solution is to buy an entire sanding set. Here on the website you will find everything you need if you want to keep all your sharp objects in tiptop condition. A sanding set contains several different stones, so you can sand as needed. If you are missing your knife sharpener here and now, this is no problem. There are different ways to use the products, and it always depends on what kind of grinding tool you work with. Are you in doubt about the different varieties and which one is most beneficial for you? You are always welcome to contact our customer service at the email address We are fully aware that the waiting time can be long once you have ordered your new product. Therefore, we do our best to make the waiting time as short as possible at all. That is why we offer fast fast delivery on all our stock items, which is why we make sure to pack your order the same day, so you can have your equipment the very next day. That sounds cool, does it?

Shop knife sharpeners online wishes you a good experience shopping for your new gear.






Knife sharpener and grindstone

Knife sharpener and grindstone

Knife sharpener and grindstone