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Knife case

At we have a wide selection of knife cases. We have a selection from different brands and in different materials. We have made sure to have a wide selection, with a focus on both the functional and the visual. The functional is important to increase your safety when working with sharp objects. The visual, on the other hand, is just an extra feature, so it looks great when you store your knife.

Knife case for your needs

A knife is an important and useful work tool, and therefore it is also important that you have the right storage options for it. When choosing a knife case, consider what your needs are. We have a lot of different models, and you will find, among other things, some that can be mounted in a belt. They are also available with different closures, where you have to choose the closure you find most suitable. Due to our large selection, we have something for everyone and in several different price ranges. Therefore, we hope you find something that suits you and your budget.

We have a large selection

We have a large selection, and you can therefore get both knife cases in leather and in nylon. If your big passion is hunting or outdoor life in general, then you typically also know which knife case fits your weapon perfectly. It is important that the size and length of the blade harmonize with the knife case you choose. If you have any questions, we are ready to answer them by email at This applies not only to questions for knife cases but in general for all our products. We would really like to help you.

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If you are missing a knife case that can supplement your knife, you are guaranteed to find it here at If you get the wrong equipment, we have a 100-day free exchange. We at would like to wish you a good time shopping for new gear.