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Drinking system and water bladder

Here at we have a large selection of equipment for both military, outdoor and hunting, where on this page you will find drinking systems and water bladders in all price ranges and in different sizes. We only have the cool stuff, and therefore we have a lot of cool brands and products, and you can be sure that all the products are of extremely high quality. We also often get news and run campaigns regularly. If you want to stay up to date on all this, you can sign up for our newsletter. Here we will send cool deals and great news directly to your inbox and you can be sure we will never send spam. In addition, you can also follow us on the social media Facebook and Instagram, where we take you behind the camera at

Many well-known brands

We have many of the well-known brands and we can especially highlight CamelBak and Platypus. All our brands are recognized in the market, so you can be sure that you get a drinking system or a water bladder in extremely high quality.

The selection is large on this page. Among other things, you can find water blisters in different sizes. These are equipped with a bite valve, so you can easily and quickly get water from your water bladder without spillage. You can also get drinking systems where the water bladder is placed in a backpack so you can carry it on your back. This makes it easy to get water while cycling, running, hiking or other demanding activities. An absolutely ingenious feature of several of our drinking systems is that the material in the backpacks is insulating, which means that the liquid will stay cold no matter where you are and how long you are away.

In addition to the above, on this page you will also find various water containers that you can use when you go to the beach, camping or the like. One thing is for sure, with a drinking system or a water bladder from this side, you are well equipped to explore nature and your surroundings, and with the large selection we have something for every need and every situation.

We have drinking systems and water bladder for you

It is important to drink water so that you can maintain a good fluid balance. Most experts recommend drinking at least 2 liters of water a day. The need for water will of course increase when one is physically active, as the body in such situations loses fluid. Many customers at are often physically active, and therefore we of course have a large selection of drinking systems and water bladders, which makes it easy to have water with you when you are active in nature.

Be aware that it is important that you clean your drinking system and your water bladder at regular intervals. Always be sure to empty and dry the water bladder after use. Pay special attention to cleaning if you drink energy drinks or other types of liquid from your water bladder than water, as this can be particularly sticky and disgusting. You can buy cleaning kits or cleaning tablets as accessories here at

When you need to choose the right drinking system, we at are ready to help you with advice and guidance, so that together we can find the one that best suits you and your needs. You can contact us by email or phone 71 99 63 61 and we always strive to get back to you as soon as possible. You also have the opportunity to visit us in our showroom at Gunnar Clausens Vej 58, 8260 Viby J. Our showroom is an extension of our warehouse, and therefore you have the opportunity to see and try out all the cool stuff we have in stock. . In addition, you can have a good chat with our competent employees, who all have experience with either outdoor, military or hunting. You are most welcome - we always have a hot cup of coffee on the jug.

Buy a drinking system or water bladder at

If you already know what you are looking for, you can always buy it here on the website and then we will do our best to get you the packages as soon as possible so you have your new drinking system for your trips and travels. We have a number of different benefits, so your shopping experience will be as good as possible, and shopping online will be easy as a breeze. Among other things, we have free exchange and fast fast delivery on all our stock items, which we make sure to ship the same day you order. In addition, we also offer a price guarantee on all our goods. This means that if you find the same item at another Danish store, we will match the price and offer an additional 15% on the difference. That way you always get the best prices on the market with us. With our large selection, we hope you find what you are looking for. The team wishes you a lot of fun.