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Sleeping bag accessories

At we have a large selection of sleeping bags, sheets, blankets and sleeping bag accessories, and therefore we have divided the products into subcategories for the sake of clarity. On this page you will find our sleeping bag accessories, while you will find our sleeping bags and sheet bags right here. Among our sleeping bag accessories on this page you will find brands such as Carinthia, Mil-Tec and Nordisk, all of which are recognized brands in the field. Therefore, you can be sure that you will get a product of extremely high quality if you buy your accessories on this site.

High quality sleeping bag cover

As sleeping bag accessories, we have a selection of sleeping bag cases. A sleeping bag case acts as an accessory for your sleeping bag as it can be pulled over your sleeping bag. Several of the sleeping bag cases are waterproof and at the same time ensure good breathability. At the same time, the sleeping bag case can add extra thermal insulation, which is ideal if you need to spend the night in cold temperatures. In practical terms, a sleeping bag cover works like a bag for the sleeping bag. Therefore, a sleeping bag cover can also act as protection for your sleeping bag and can thus also extend the life of your sleeping bag. A sleeping bag cover does not take up much space and at the same time has a minimal weight. Sleeping bag covers are therefore easy to transport. You can also get sleeping bag covers in sizes that fit many sleeping bags, and you therefore have a great opportunity to find a sleeping bag cover that suits you and your needs.

Buy sleeping bag case online at

Do you want to protect your sleeping bag? Or do you lack accessories that can keep you warm and dry when you spend the night in nature? Then you should take a look at a sleeping bag case on this page. Here you can be sure to find a high quality sleeping bag case. If you are missing a sleeping bag instead, look here where you will find sleeping bags for different purposes. Furthermore, you will find our selection of different sleeping pads right here. always wants to provide the best customer service, so you will be happy with your purchase and your shopping experience. Therefore, we have up to several benefits. We have, among other things, fast delivery of stock items and 100 days of exchange. We also often have sales and offers, so you can secure new equipment at good prices. We hope and believe that you will be happy with your product. We at wish you great pleasure with your purchase.