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Down sleeping bags

At we have a large selection of equipment for overnight stays in nature. Among other things, we have a huge selection of sleeping bags, where you will find our down sleeping bags on this page. It is important to have the right gear when you spend the night outdoors. It is especially important to have a good sleeping bag so that you are guaranteed a good night's sleep. A good night's sleep is important when it comes to meeting tomorrow's challenges. Overall, it is especially important that you find the right gear that suits the temperature ratio and the environment in which you are to use it. There are both down sleeping bags for winter use and for summer use.

Therefore, choose a Down Sleeping Bag

Down sleeping bags have some advantages over fiber sleeping bags. Down sleeping bags are lighter and it also takes up less space in the backpack. They have less volume, which is because down has more air around it than the contents of fiber sleeping bags. That way, the down can be compressed much more and packed less. However, this does not mean that they are less hot. You should not be nervous about that. Down warms and insulates surprisingly well in relation to its low weight. In addition, you also get an extremely high level of comfort.

You will be able to see from the price that down is a natural material. They are typically a little more expensive than those with fiber. However, the durability is also somewhat better on the down sleeping bags. That way, it's probably going straight up in the long run. However, there are also disadvantages to the down. For example, they are sensitive to water and moisture. This is because the dunes stick together when they get wet - and they have a hard time getting completely dry again if you are too fast in the drying process. That way, sleeping in the open air with this type of gear is not always the smartest thing to do. If we are to be completely concrete, then we can say that the advantages of a Down Sleeping Bag are its durability, breathability and the fact that it neither weighs nor takes up much space. The disadvantages are the price level, the poor handling of moisture and thus the difficult washing method.

Down sleeping bags can last for 10-15 years

If you take good care of your Down Sleeping Bag and maintain it, it can last for 10-15 years. The extra money you want to spend on one of down rather than one of fiber can therefore be well spent. As written, however, it requires that you are good at caring for it and maintaining it over the years if you want to have it for many years into the future. To maintain it, you need to wash it properly once in a while. They should not be washed too often. It can damage the insulation and filling capacity. It is best to wash by hand. However, you can start washing at a really low temperature in the washing machine, if this is stated on the washing instructions. However, you should preferably not get above 30 degrees. You have to use down soap - and then it is really important that you get all the soap out. The easiest way to dry down products is in the dryer, where at least three balls have been added. Before using the dryer, however, check the washing instructions again so that you do not damage your product. Also make sure that the down is evenly distributed by shaking it once an hour. It may well take time before the dryer has got it completely dry, as the best drying method is at low heat.

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