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Watches for military, outdoor and sports

A watch can have many features for you on your adventure. It can affect your military precision, the amount of time you have hiked, or just give you a sense of where you are during the day; Even though you may have the feeling - or desire - that time should stand still when you leave, it is still important to find out about sunrise and sunset, in order to camp, find firewood or something completely different. But our watches can do much more than tell you what time it is! We only sell the coolest watches, the best quality - and of course we have a price guarantee! We only have the cool stuff at - that's why we have brands like Casio, 5.11., Swiss Military Hanowa, ie only the best suppliers within timepieces, and more are coming all the time! In addition to being a bold design, all the cool features that many of our watches have come. To name just a few, there is a built-in compass, temperature, day of the week, altimeter, GPS positions, heart rate monitor, tide graph, water resistance, shock resistance, resistant glass - the list goes on.

Sports watches filled with amazing features

One of the world's largest and most well-known brands is Japanese Casio , which for many years has been producing watches of the best quality. Especially the G-Shock and Pro Trek series from Casio are at the forefront in the field of robust watches for ourdoor and sports. Casio are extremely high-tech watches with fantastic functions that are useful in the wilderness, hunting or hiking. We offer both their stylish watches in steel and their sports watches in bold, robust quality - so there is something for everyone, and each watch has a unique style. Whichever Casio G-Shock or Pro Trek watch you choose, you get an advanced piece of technology packed with cool features. Note that is the official dealer of Casio , which means that you can trust that the watch is not a copy or parallel imported. At the same time you get a Danish manual, official Casio Denmark service and a nationwide guarantee certificate

The coolest military watch from 5.11:

5.11 has a reputation for being one of the world's leading brands in tactical gear. Their watches are made of durable Titanium and the list of features is endless. Sense of time is important, but 5.11 has cracked the code for what most of all resembles a high tech piece of gear - namely the model HRT Titanium: With the mentioned SureShot ballistic calculator, Digital and analog reading, adjustable dial, luminescent markings, waterproof to 100 meters , stopwatch, countdown timer with minute tone, day and date function, 3 time zones, alarm function, and of course two years warranty. To make a long story short, 5.11 is the perfect watch for you who are in active, precise work, or you who love a fat piece of gear.

Large selection of running watches at

We are the official dealer of Casio, 5.11., Swiss Military Hanowa and all other of our brands. You can be absolutely sure that none of the watches are parallel imported, none of them are copies, and you get the best service and of course the applicable guarantee included in your purchase! Many of our watches also require free shipping, as our purchase limit on this is 100 GBP. So what are you waiting for? Look into the shop and find your new cool watch for outdoor, military or sports!