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When you go out in nature, on a tent trip or on a camp school stay or whatever your reason is for spending the night out in the beautiful nature, it is always very important that you have a good sleeping pad to sleep on. It is actually among some of the most indispensable equipment next to sleeping bag if you want to achieve a good night's sleep. One of the most essential things for our night sleep is that we do not lie on a hard rock, and at least have a reasonably soft foundation beneath us. If we do not have it, it can quickly become an annoying experience, which can result in both lack of sleep and not least back pain or general soreness around the body. If you first go and get sore and hurt, then the experience will just never be quite the same. Therefore, it is important that you do your best to have control of your absolutely most necessary basic gear, so that you both get a good experience and take better care of yourself and your body. At we sell a large selection that ranges widely, from the very affordable to those in top quality with a high insulation in light materials. Since we have some in different price ranges, we definitely have one that suits you and your needs. It can be very beneficial to prioritize some models that do not weigh very much. This means that when you have to carry it around in the backpack, you load your body as little as possible. It's probably not unthinkable that you should not lie in exactly the same place every night - especially not if you are hiking. If this is the case, and you therefore have to move around from day to day and only spend a few nights in the same place, then you need a sleeping pad that can be easily packed in the backpack, and which does not take up much space. much or weighs especially much. So this is a huge benefit for you in the long run. Below you can read in more detail about how to choose the perfect variant that perfectly suits your personal needs and preferences.


When you have to choose the right sleeping pad, it is very important, among other things, that you remember to look at the so-called R value. Maybe you have heard of Rværdi before, and therefore know what it's about, or maybe this term is new to you. But it is actually quite simple, and is an expression of the insulating ability. The term covers how cold the soil must be so that you do not want to freeze. We have therefore made an overall table for you of R value here, where you can see that the higher the R value, the more insulating the sleeping surface. The r value stands for all products and is stated by the manufacturer, so you must remember to take your own feeling with cold into account and consider whether you find it easy to freeze or whether you think you can easily keep warm. If you need one that must be able to withstand freezing temperatures, it is a good rule of thumb that the R value should be around 5 and up. In addition to R value, it is also important that you consider factors such as size, weight and package volume when you go out and buy a new sleeping pad. The length must of course fit your body, while the package volume must fit the trip you are going on - and it is very different where you are going, and exactly what kind of trip it is. There is a difference in purpose, and for some hikes the package volume means significantly more than for others. Therefore, always make sure to check the packed size under specifications, so you know that the package volume fits the trip you are going on, so you get the best possible trip at all - that's what it's all about, right?


At we have almost everything we think you have or need when you go out and spend the night outdoors. We have thus said a wide selection of sleeping pads, where you have the opportunity to both choose between whether it should be an air pad or a foam pad. Among our air surfaces you will find both the inflatable and the self-inflating; this means that some variants come with a pump, so you have to inflate manually with a pump, while others can be inflated completely by themselves - that is, automatically. In addition to the basic sleeping pads which are indispensable during an overnight stay in the open air, we also have other equipment and gear that can significantly improve your night's sleep. Among other things, you will find a large selection of pillows, which can be used, for example, for an overnight stay outdoors or as a neck pillow during the flight to the southern sun. This is almost also indispensable if you want to be sure to avoid an overly sore neck. In addition, we also have a large selection of all kinds of accessories. You will find with us, among other things, a repair kit under the category "accessories". Although the material on all our gear is of the very highest quality, it is always a good idea to be prepared for the encounter with a sharp rock or a thorn bush. Especially if you are going on a hike far away from civilization for several days.
Always be prepared for anything and always think sensibly, because as Murphy's law predicts: "everything that can go wrong, goes wrong!". However, you should also be aware that several of our sleeping pads come with repair kits, so you do not have to buy additional equipment. We believe that this detail is quite an important detail. There is a lot of money to be saved when you are not forced to go out and invest in a new product, just because there is a single damage or two to what you already have. In this way, you have ample opportunity to fix small damages yourself, as this can not be avoided when dealing with gear and equipment that you carry around in the open. It will simply get damaged and scratched here and there, even if it is good quality materials. This is one of the consequences of moving around in the wilderness. Should there be errors or defects in the item, you are of course welcome to contact us, as this is of course not the intention. But if there is minor damage out in the field, then it is quite smart that you can fish it yourself on the go. This way it never goes wrong!

BUY ONLINE AT OR VISIT US IN OUR SHOWROOM is an online webshop that sells a large selection from a wide range of different brands. These selected brands are just a very small bite of all the many brands we sell on our webshop. American Therm-A-Rest is one of the absolute best and most popular brands on the market , and you will always find equipment from them among our bestsellers. Therm-A-Rest was involved from the very beginning and is the originator of many of the technologies used in the market today. Therm-A-Rest offers exceptional comfort and durability, and is thus a very high-quality brand, which delivers absolutely fantastic products in the best top quality. Eg. Many of their products use the patented Triangular Core Matrix technology, where over 100 internal cells provide ample insulation for the cold nights in nature. At , we ourselves are outdoor enthusiasts who, like you, value quality equipment at fair and good prices. Most of us have experienced on our own body how big a difference a good sleeping pad can make for one's trip and thus as an important small part of the overall experience out in the open. So whatever you are going on a camping trip, on a canoe trip or maybe even on a hike in the beautiful and fantastic Norwegian mountains, you will no doubt need a sleeping pad. Why not start by buying one that lasts for many years? Buy it at
We have fast delivery on stock items and free exchange. In addition, we have the customer in focus, which means we want to help you with any questions you may have. You can therefore be sure to leave with a product that suits you and your needs. The would like to wish you a lot of fun with your new gear.






Sleeping pad

Sleeping pad

Sleeping pad