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At you will find a selection of hats and balaclava for police and guards. Headwear is a small but after all a very important part of the clothing. This is used to keep your head warm, because once you start freezing, it can be difficult to get the heat back. Cold also helps you lose focus more easily. In addition, it can also be used if you are physically active as it can relieve sweating. Most of our hats and balaclavas can be worn under a helmet as they are made of a thin material. However, they can also be used alone. As the saying goes: there is no bad weather, only bad attire.

You can keep warm with hats and balaclava

The weather can offer everything from snow and cold to sun and heat. The weather is therefore very changeable, and if you need to be outside, it is good to be prepared for all kinds of weather. If you are police and guard, you may be spending a lot of time outside around the country. Therefore, it will be ideal with a hat or balaclava to protect the head from the cold during the winter period. Freezing is an unpleasant sensation, and it is therefore important to find the right warm clothing so that you avoid freezing your head. This way you can take care of your work in the best way regardless of the weather. The material is important to keep the head at a comfortable temperature and it should be finished with cold ears. That is why the quality of our products is very high.

Good quality equipment

We sell equipment from brands such as Mil-Tec and Warmpeace. These brands can give you a good experience when you need to spend long periods outside in the cold months. At the same time, our hats and balaclavas are made in good quality and a neutral design. You can choose from several different colors and materials to suit every situation as well as needs and preference. Fleece is one of the materials that keeps you warm when you are at work in the cold. In addition, you will also find hats with material that is water-repellent and quick-drying, so you are protected in the rain. Fire-retardant balaclavas are also made to protect you from fire if necessary. In addition, you can also find headgear that is sweat-absorbent when it is hot or if you are physically active. The elastic fabric in most of the products helps to provide a good fit, so it fits snugly to the head, but at the same time is comfortable. Most of the products also do not have large seams and edges, which means that irritation or wear and tear on the skin is avoided. In addition, there is a difference in which headgear you choose. A hat only covers the top of the head, whereas a balaclava is known to cover a large part of the face. Here, most people only have a large hole for the eyes. However, the front can be easily folded down, making the face free. The neck is also covered, making it easier to keep head and neck warm at the same time. On our site you will find only comfortable hats and balaclavas. Here you can buy exactly the product that suits you.

Buy hats and balaclava at is an online webshop where you can find a large selection of products. We place great emphasis on good quality at sharp prices. We have everything you need for outdoor, hunting etc. You can find a selection of hats and balaclavas. These can be used as a permanent part of the clothing of police and guards for outdoor activity. You can also find much more clothing for police and guards in good and comfortable quality online on our site. We have fast delivery, and on stock items which means that you can quickly get your gear in use. We are always very happy to help our customers. So if you have a question, write us at the email address Here, competent employees will answer you both in writing and by telephone.