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Feltrations & Proviant

Field rations & freeze-dried food

When one is physically active, the body burns a lot of energy and needs nourishment to recover and rebuild combat power. Therefore, it is important that you always have access to nutrients such as freeze-dried food, which is compact and easy to transport. In addition, it is essential that the food has a longer shelf life. At we sell field rations and provisions that live up to these requirements. If you are going to be away for a long time without the opportunity to meet provisions, then it is important that you get rations that meet your daily energy needs. In this way, you achieve optimal satiety, which gives you profit and nourishment. We are well aware that freeze-dried food is not a gastronomic delicacy, but despite that, the food contains essential nutrients that you need when you do not have the opportunity to shop in the supermarket on the road. With freeze-dried food & field rations, we make sure that you meet your daily energy needs. The field rations are easy to prepare, which is of great importance when you are on the go and may not have the greatest surplus to make a comprehensive meal. It should preferably be both easy and fast. The field rations and the freeze-dried food are made in such a way that they neither take up much space nor weigh much - especially not when compared to "real food". In this way, it is easy to transport field rations for many days without straining more than is absolutely necessary.

Field rations and freeze-dried food that make it easy for you

We sell, among other things, the brand Trek'n Eat. All their meals are made with a special technique, which preserves the ingredients and maintains most of the food's natural vitamin and mineral content. Trek'n Eat is made using a few flavor enhancers and aromas, and all their provisions have a high calorie content and are packed in waterproof containers in which the food can be prepared. In most cases, simply add boiling or cold water, after which the food is ready in a few minutes. Water is therefore pretty much the only thing you need to have access to when the field rations are to be prepared. The benefits of Trek'n Eat are many, and therefore their provisions are used by the military, on expeditions, earth voyages and for a sea of outdoor activities. The most important advantages are the low weight, simple cooking, the energy savings, the protective packaging, the long shelf life and even the good taste. Field rations should not be a punishment or an unpleasant pleasure, so therefore great emphasis is also placed on you getting a good taste experience. Of other popular brands on this page, we can also highlight Adventure Food, Forestia and Mil-tec.

Protein bars - essential energy source on the go

On this page you will also find a selection of protein bars. Protein bars have become very popular among athletes because you can quickly and easily get a large amount of energy as well as the muscle-building protein - without having to eat an entire meal. The smart thing about a protein bar in particular is that you can eat it on the go. It does not need to be cooked at all and is thus a lightning fast source of energy on the go. Protein bars are ideal as small snacks, where the field rations usually require a little preparation - primarily work best as main meals. A protein bar satisfies for a long time and slowly rebuilds blood sugar in a healthy way when, for example, you have played sports or are out trekking in the mountains. We only sell the best quality, so do not despair by clicking your new products home, so you can have them with you quickly. We always offer day-to-day delivery on stock items. This means that if you order online, we will ship the same day.

Field rations and provisions on

If you are looking for a good selection of good and filling provisions for sports, for your next survival trip or for use in the military, you will find it here with us at We have a large assortment of provisions such as freeze-dried food in many different flavors as well as tasty and filling protein bars. Do you have further questions about field rations? Our customer service is always ready to answer any questions you may have. You can catch them on telephone 71 99 63 61 or at the email address, where our sweet and competent staff will be ready to help and guide you. We always offer a price guarantee, so you are guaranteed the cheapest prices on the market. Should you therefore experience finding a 100% identical item on another official Danish website, we always make sure to match the price - and we also deduct 15% of the difference. In addition to our online shop, we also have a showroom, where you have the opportunity to visit our physical location, and you can see and feel the products physically. You are therefore always welcome to drop by our address Gunnar Clausens Vej 58, 8260 Viby J.