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Tableware for outdoor and tent trips

The meal in the home is one of the family's most important gathering points in everyday life, and in the same way, the meal also has a special value when you are on an adventure in the open air. This is where you take a break and talk to your friends about the experiences of the trip. This is where you have time to enjoy the moment and the surroundings and really appreciate the views that surround you. At we have gathered a large selection of cutlery, which includes everything from the absolutely necessary spork to the more practical equipment such as a foldable dishwasher. Common to all our products is a high quality and an indispensable functionality.

Plastic cutlery and crockery - enjoy your meal in nature with gear from GrejFreak

Back to nature does not even mean that you have to eat with your fingers and drink directly from the rippling river. We have collected cutlery in many different shapes, colors and materials. We have a large selection of cutlery in plastic, but also stainless steel if you prefer a more solid material. If you need to pack light, we can especially recommend our titanium cutlery or the popular, multifunctional spork. We have also gathered a large selection of fold-together cups and starter sets, where you will find everything you need for the meal. Let us concentrate on your cutlery so you can concentrate on the coziness around the fire.

Spork, plastic cutlery and folding cups - everything you need!

In our webshop you will no doubt find practical cutlery that you did not know existed. At, we love good quality gear, which with their ingenuity makes your outdoor experience a little cooler and more comfortable. For example, try our FireFork, which is ideal when you want to fry other than puff pastry over the fire. It is easily placed on a wooden stick, after which the possibilities are many. Who says you can not prepare a small gourmet meal just because you are in nature? We also especially love the foldable dishwasher. It fills and weighs almost nothing, but makes cleaning much faster and more hygienic.

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If you have questions about the many possibilities of our products, remember that you are always welcome to contact us. There are no stupid questions, because at GrejFreak we prioritize that our customers get the most out of their new cutlery. This is where you should take advantage of our many years of experience in the industry and get in touch.