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Handcuffs and their purpose

Handcuffs are chained metal chains that have the purpose of chaining the hands together. Originally, handcuffs were used primarily by police specifically for pacification or to control detainees. In addition, they are also used by especially prison guards, guards, military police or airlines. Today, the products can also only be used by ordinary consumers. Handcuffs make man incapable of resisting. They can be tightened according to need and size, so they are advantageously adapted to all wrists. In addition, some of our models are not able to loosen again once they have been tightened without the use of a key.

Our selection of handcuffs

At we are the proud dealers of handcuffs from Mil-Tec, which are available in several materials, including steel and plastic. Keys for most variants are included. A few of the great benefits of our handcuffs are that they do not take up much weight or weight. This makes them easy to transport around. You can advantageously maintain your newly purchased product by cleaning it with boiling water depending on the material. Cleaning with boiling water scalds all bacteria and thus ensures good hygiene. Then it is recommended to use a weapon oil on spray. The weapon oil on spray ensures that you can get into the lock case itself and clean. At we even sell weapon oil, and you can buy it HERE.

We also sell pouches, which are designed to be able to store one set of handcuffs. These types of pouches can also be fastened to the trousers, which makes it easier and safer to carry your handcuffs around when you have them on the go. The pockets are made of ballistic nylon, which makes them both durable and robust. Find our most popular pouch for handcuffs HERE.

Buy your handcuffs at

Here at you have the opportunity to order the set of handcuffs at home that suits your taste. We already ship the same day as we have day-to-day delivery on stock items. This increases the likelihood that you have the order already the next day. Should the handcuffs unexpectedly not live up to your desired preferences, we always offer 100 days free exchange. It is always safe for you as a consumer to shop here on, as we are in possession of the e-commerce brand, which helps to make your shopping safe and secure.

Do you have further questions?

If you are sitting at home with further questions that you have not yet been clarified, you are very welcome to contact our skilled team who are ready at customer service to answer any questions you may have. We can be found at the address Gunnar Clausens Vej 58, 8260 Viby J, where we are open in our showroom every weekday 10-19 and every weekend 10-16. You will also be able to catch us by email and by phone 71 99 63 61 every weekday from 10-22 and all weekends from 10-16.