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Go on a crow hunt with a crow call

At , we have purchased a lot of exciting calls and decoys for the hunter, so the hunt can certainly be a great success. There are different calls for both small animals, but also for the slightly larger ones. No matter what animal you are looking for, we no doubt have something that can help you.

The lure call

Some of these calls imitate an animal in difficulty, for example, a fox call will imitate a mouse in difficulty, which will cause the fox to come running, directly into the firing line. In the various other calls, such as goose calls, duck calls, crow calls, and moose calls, the sound will mimic the same species, which should create interest in the hunted animal. Some of these calls must be activated by mouth while others can be activated by ordinary hand force.

Game calls and decoys

When hunting ducks and geese, you can use several different methods. One of the most common are decoy birds, decoy ducks or decoy geese. These can be lined up and when the animal approaches or flies over they will spot decoy geese or a mallard and have their curiosity aroused by landing. However, it is also recommended to use duck calls or goose calls to create awareness about the decoys that have once been on display. With decoy ducks or decoy geese and a decoy call, the prey is almost already secured. However, there are different methods to be used when hunting different birds, it is not quite the same procedure when you are on a crow hunt compared to if you are on a goose hunt.

On goose hunting with goose cold

When going goose hunting, one must be aware of a wide range of factors. The direction of the wind must be taken into account, as decoy birds should preferably be lined up against the wind. Then you can use your goose call to get their attention. Geese will come flying and decide to dive down and take a closer look at the flock standing down there and then you can get close. To get really close to geese, however, one must also be camouflaged, but that is quite a chapter in itself. Buy game calls and decoys online at Make sure to exchange the house and buy your decoys and decoys from us. We also sell decoy calls for crow hunting, elk calls, goose calls and duck calls. So there is plenty to choose from.