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Police equipment and guard equipment

This category contains all our police equipment, which is specially designed and manufactured for police. In addition, you will also find guard equipment for people in the security industry. Our selection of police equipment and guard equipment is top professional and of the best quality. It is specially designed for the many practical challenges that one faces in that industry. It is thus a search for process optimization in everyday life, which is the breeding ground for much of the equipment you find here. We have gathered a large selection of indispensable gear in our webshop, where you will find popular brands such as 5.11 and Tactical Tailor. These are top professional brands within police equipment and guard equipment, and 5.11's motto is "Always be ready", which makes good sense, as you never know what can happen at work - whether you are either a guard or a police officer. If you think we are missing some products within police equipment and guard equipment, then finally write an email or call us. Then we will probably expand our range of equipment and we can definitely try if we can provide you with what you need.

Guard equipment for professionals and everyone else

If you are part of the Home Guard, you will probably experience a need for the guard equipment you will find on this page. Although the category is aimed at police and guards, the average person will definitely find this thing incredibly useful. Check, for example, the smart key holder, which with its velcro closure ensures that the keys do not rattle and make noise. Perfect for the quieter patrols! In the security industry, you should never go down on gear, and we can help with that. We have equipment for all situations, where you will, for example, find a large selection of clothing and protective equipment, so you can be well dressed for any challenge.

All kinds of police equipment for patrols and actions

At we sell very different police equipment, so you can find equipment that suits the type of task and effort you have to solve. Common to our police equipment is that it is functional and has the potential to make your work easier. Check out, for example, our large selection of different ammo pouches, which, among other things, are designed to store plastic gloves, handcuffs, pistols, radio equipment and much more. We have many different kinds of ammo pouches, and several of our military ammo pouches are also made in black so that they can be used by the police. With our wide range of police equipment, we definitely have something for you. If there is any police equipment that you think we are missing, please write or call us so we can get it to your home.

Buy police equipment and guard equipment online at

Here at we take pride in making awesome gear available to everyone. We think it's cool when people get exactly the gear they need. We see absolutely no reason to go down on equipment, and therefore we also sell police equipment and guard equipment. If you are in doubt about the products' functionality or specifications, you are always welcome to contact us. We are ready at the other end to answer your questions as we want to make your online shopping experience easier.

Here at , we strive to have the market's best products and customer service. As always, we have fast delivery on stock items. You also have the opportunity to exchange your purchased item with our 100-day exchange. Then you have ample opportunity to see the stuff, and if the item does not live up to your expectations, then you can safely switch to something else.