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Gear Transport

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Gear transport

At we have a large selection of different gear, and therefore we also have a large selection of bags and backpacks. On this page you will find what we call gear transport, which are bags you can use to transport gear. These bags should thus not be used in the field but are instead ideal when equipment is to be transported. All the bags are in incredibly high quality and in durable materials, which means that the bags can last on the go.

Bag for transporting gear

It is important to have the right storage option when transporting gear, and we are sure that you will be happy with a bag from this site. Many of the bags on this site are incredibly spacious, allowing you to transport gear together regardless of the size of the gear. Despite the large spaciousness, there is also less space in the largest bags, so your smaller pieces can also be divided and organized when transported.

Transport your gear in everyday life

On this page you will also find a number of bags that you can use in everyday life for transporting gear. Among other things, you will find a shooting range bag, so you can carry your gear ideally when you go on the shooting range. In addition, you will also find smaller and more specific gear bags for, for example, your helmet or your shaving equipment. Thus, you will find a large selection of gear bags on this page, which can be used to transport equipment in larger and smaller sizes in everyday life.

Buy gear transport at

Are you lacking storage options to transport your gear? Then you have come to the right place. At we have a large selection, which gives you the opportunity to find storage that fits your needs perfectly, regardless of the type of equipment you need to transport. On our site you will often be able to find good offers, and we are also ready to help you if you are in doubt about what to choose.

As part of our customer service, we have a number of benefits, as we want you to find it easy and convenient to shop equipment online. That is why we have, among other things, a price guarantee, day-to-day delivery of stock items and free exchange. We at are sure that you will be really happy with a purchase from this site, and we would like to wish you very good fun with your purchase.