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Large selection of military pouches

Organize your gear and place it on your MOLLE-based vest, belt or bag. With a pocket or pouch from you can keep track of the pieces, and organize your military equipment easily and conveniently. The tasks you have to solve as a soldier can be very varied, and therefore it is a great advantage for you that you can quickly adapt your equipment as needed. All the pouches, equipment and equipment bags that we sell on this site are therefore made for the MOLLE system (MOdular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) or the ALICE system (All-Purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment).

We have ammo pouches and pouches for all purposes

Our selection of pouches is now so extensive that we have bags for all kinds of equipment and gear. A large part of the equipment we sell on this site is approved by international and military standards and is used by military forces and police units worldwide. At we have equipment bags, pouches and ammo pouches for all kinds of equipment, including: 5.56 NATO standard magazines, grenades, 40 mm grenades, smoke hand bombs, IFAK equipment, 7-bang, PR radio, drinking systems, tools, lights, pistols , medic equipment and more. This means that you can certainly find exactly the storage bag that you are missing for your military equipment.

Storage from the best brands

Here at you will find a large selection of recognized brands within military equipment. Brands include BLACKHAWK!, Tactical Tailor, 5.11 Tactical and Tasmanian Tiger. These brands are all known for delivering robust and durable equipment that is optimal for use in sharp situations. Some of the brands we sell develop their products in collaboration with the US military and the FBI and are thus Berry Compliant and MIL-Spec. This means that it lives up to the standards of the US military and thus ensures that the quality is top notch. On this page, we only sell brands that we can vouch for 100%.

Pouches and guides online

If you need storage for military equipment, you're in the right place. We have bags in all sizes and not least colors. A large part of the brands that we sell on this site produce their equipment in MultiCam textiles, which is the perfect form of camouflage for, for example, military operations, where it is essential to get unseen from a to b. Click around our online shop and see the large selection of pouches that are especially suitable for military use!