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Kids sleeping bags

It is important to have sleeping bags for everyone in the family so that everyone can join the trip out into the open. This is especially important for the kids, as they get some experiences in nature that they do not get close to at home, it does not matter if it is a family trip, scout trip or school excursion. If you are lucky enough that it is a family trip, you will get quality time with your child, which they are guaranteed to forget soon. Therefore, it is also important that there is a proper child sleeping bag to crawl into when the darkness just as quietly falls on. At we have many sizes, colors and models, so there is something to find for every taste. On this page you will find a good selection of different kids' sleeping bags. We know that it is important for outdoor enthusiasts that their kids get out into nature. We also know that outdoor enthusiasts appreciate some cool gear, and of course cool gear for the whole family. Grease gear should suit the individual situation you are going into. Therefore, you will find a nice selection of kids' sleeping bags on this page, which vary in length, weight and colors, so you can certainly find exactly what suits your childs' need.

Kids' sleeping bags for all situations

We here at have many different kids' sleeping bags, which are suitable for the little ones in the family. In general, most can be used throughout all three seasons, so you do not have to worry about whether your kids can now keep warm. The sleeping bags are thus suitable for many different situations and can be used for camping trips, indoor accommodation, summer holidays and overnight stays in the open air. Should your child spend the night outdoors, they are suitable for both tent and shelter accommodation and ensure everyone that your child does not freeze through the night. We have some cool brands at, and this also applies to kids' sleeping bags. These brands all deliver quality that is characteristic of what we sell with us, but there can of course be a difference in quality, as you usually get what you pay for.

Choice of size of kids sleeping bag

When choosing a sleeping bag, the size is of course one of the more important product specifications. To find the right size when you buy a baby sleeping bag, it can be a really good idea to measure how tall your child really is to ensure that you get your fingers in the right size. We have them in several different lengths, and guaranteed also some that suit your needs. The lengths typically vary between 130 and 170 cm. Some of the sleeping bags in our selection are even so versatile that they are suitable for kids in adulthood. This means that you can get a kids' sleeping bag which is just as suitable for a child of 130 cm as one of 170 cm. If your child is going on a longer trip with a larger pack, then it may also be relevant to keep the weight in mind. The weight of a child sleeping bag is typically placed between 850g and 1.5 kg, where our experience is that half a kilo can make a really big difference on a long trip. Lighter gear generally makes the trip less stressful and thus a little more fun.

Buy online at

If you need a new kids' sleeping bag, this must be purchased at If you buy online, we have a lot of great benefits that you can benefit from. We offer free shipping on all purchases over 100 GBP and at the same time offer you the opportunity to have the item delivered quickly. If you are in doubt about something, and need advice, we would of course like to be helpful. You always have the opportunity to contact our customer service, who will guide you in the same way as our sales staff. They can be contacted via email We look forward to hearing from you.