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Summer sleeping bags

Here at we have a large selection of sleeping bags that you can use in different seasons, because it is important to find the perfect model for the season in which it is to be used. On this page you will find our selection of summer sleeping bags in high quality in different price ranges because we strive to have something for every wish and need. At we do not compromise on quality, and the products on this page are therefore of extremely high quality, because we want to be able to offer our customers the best. We have models from some of the best and most recognized brands on the market such as Carinthia and Nordisk, both of which are very popular manufacturers in the field. You can therefore be sure that the quality is top notch when you buy a summer sleeping bag from We know that it can be really hard to find your way around if you are looking for a good model for the summer months for the first time. That is why our competent staff is always ready by phone, e-mail, chat and in our showroom to help you well on your way to making the right decision for you and your needs.

Several of the summer sleeping bags on this page are available with either down or fiber. We believe that it is also important to decide which material is ideal for you and your use of the sleeping bag, and we are more than happy to help. Down sleeping bags are warmer in relation to the weight, as down creates an airy structure, where they let steam and moisture from the body pass out through the material. However, down does not tolerate being damp for a long time, so it is really important that you get it aired well after the night's sleep. A Down Sleeping Bag is light and does not take up much space in a package size, which is why it is easy and convenient to carry on a trip. However, a fiber sleeping bag withstands moisture a lot more, which is why they are ideal for use in climates with high humidity or a lot of rain. Fiber sleeping bags do not require as much maintenance in relation to drying and aeration after use. However, a fiber sleeping bag has the best of being kept uncompressed, which is why they are less comfortable to carry. Both types of summer sleeping bags have advantages and disadvantages, which is why we are happy to help clarify what is best for you.

Focus on functionality

All the models on this page are carefully selected and of extremely high quality, which is why you can also be completely sure that the functionality is paramount when you shop your next summer sleeping bag with us. Therefore, the material that the different models are made of is also well thought out, because every user - beginner or not - wants weight and package size as small as possible, which makes them ideal for festivals, accommodation in the backyard, backpacking, shelter / cabin trips or hiking with overnight stays in nature in the slightly warmer months. When choosing whether one of the models on this page suits your needs, it is relevant to look at comfort temperature, limit temperature and extreme temperature, which you certainly do not avoid falling over in your search for a summer sleeping bag for this year's upcoming excursions. These temperatures show the conditions under which the sleeping bag should be used, and you should especially focus on the comfort temperature. A summer sleeping bag is the good choice if it is primarily to be used in situations where the temperature does not fall below 10-15 degrees at night both at home or abroad. However, you can always supplement with a sheet bag, to get a little extra warmth in the slightly cooler night hours.

Summer sleeping bags in different sizes

On this page, we have a large selection of different models from the late spring months to the summer months as well as to the early autumn months, which is why we also have models in different sizes for both men, women and the little ones. Among other things, we have a small sleeping bag for children with a length of 140 cm, so that the little ones can also sleep comfortably on the summer's many excursions with accommodation in the open air. In addition, we have a large model for adults with a length of 200 cm. for those who want extra length. Summer sleeping bags are ideal to use for overnight stays outdoors - whether it is at a festival, in the backyard, on a hike or something completely different - and in this connection we also have a large selection of tents and sleeping pads for this. This allows you to collect your entire purchase on and be 100% ready for your overnight stay outdoors with equipment for the whole family.

Buy your summer sleeping bag online at

Here on our site you will find cheap summer sleeping bags in high quality, as we often have good offers and sales that you do not miss by joining our customer club and following our social media. As one of our major focus areas is to provide the best customer service, we also have fast delivery of stock items and exchange for 100 days. These benefits should help make it easy and convenient for you to buy your summer sleeping bag online if you already know which one you need. We at are some freaks when it comes to gear, and we ourselves are very excited about the sleeping bags on this site. We even occasionally test our equipment to be able to give you, our customers, the best guidance possible when you come in with questions. Therefore, we also hope and believe that you will be happy with your purchase with us. We wish you a lot of fun with your purchase.