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Combat trousers

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Military pants

At we have a large selection of all equipment for military, outdoor and hunting. On this page you will find our selection of combat trousers in extremely high quality at the best prices on the market. It is always important to be dressed for all situations and have the equipment in order, and we can make sure that you have. We have some super cool products and brands for that purpose. Some of the brands that we sell here at are Clawgear, 5.11, Carinthia, Mil-Tec and Vertx. All our brands are recognized brands on the market, and you can therefore be sure that you will get a high quality product if you buy it from us. See our large selection above. We are sure that you can find a pair that suits you, your needs and your budget. If you want to be updated on new cool products or fantastic offers, we can recommend that you either sign up for our newsletter or follow us on the social media Facebook and Instagram. Here we will continuously keep you updated, so you know what is the latest news at

Durable military trousers for all situations

It is incredibly important with combat pants that are durable when operating in tough terrain. All military pants on this site are incredibly durable, so you can wear your military pants for many years before they get worn. You will be able to adjust your military pants where necessary so that they fit perfectly and exactly as you would like. Likewise, several of them are waterproof, so should you get into a storm, you will be protected. We are therefore sure that you will not regret if you buy a pair of military trousers from this site. Several of the combat pants on this page also have room for knee pads, seat belts and braces, so you are ready for any tactical situation. Knee pads, seat belts and braces are not included with the trousers, but you can buy from us, so you get a complete package that is ready for use. With us you can find a pair of trousers that are produced according to your needs.

Produced according to your needs

Since all the brands on this site are highly recognized brands, they also have an incredible amount of experience in developing military pants. They are therefore designed to match your needs, so you have the best equipment when you are in the field. We have military trousers in many different colors, and we can, among other things, recommend them in MultiCam, which are incredibly popular. Multicam is a very special wish, which aims to keep the user hidden, regardless of what environment he / she is in and regardless of season, weather and light. Of other popular colors you will also find dark and light sand, gray and black. As described, we have something for everyone, so you can find the one that suits your desires. If you still do not find what you are looking for then just do not hesitate to contact us. We will do what we can to get the home you are missing - even if it is not part of our range at the moment.

Try on your new military trousers in our cool showroom in Viby J

Are you in doubt about which military pants are right for you and your needs? In our showroom at Gunnar Clausens Vej 58, 8260 Viby J, you can come and see and try all our stock items, as our showroom is an extension of our stock. Here, the entire GrejFreak team is also ready to help you with advice and guidance if you need it. Our employees are the right people to ask, as they all have experience in either military, outdoor or hunting. We also always have a hot cup of coffee on the jug and are ready to talk about our common areas of interest. We will always do our best to ensure that you have a great shopping experience.

If you already know what military pants you should have, then we have a number of benefits that should make online shopping easy as a breeze. is open 24 hours a day, which means that you can order whenever you want. Among other things, we have fast day-to-day delivery of stock items, so if you order a stock item before kl. 18:00 one day, you will be able to have the package already the next day. We also have a price guarantee, which ensures you the best price on the market. Our price guarantee means that if you find an identical item on another Danish website, you will get the item at the same price and we will further deduct 15% of the difference. Additional benefits include our 100-day free exchange and Viabill. Through our collaboration with Viabill, you can get a flexible installment plan, so you do not have to pay for your item here and now. In fact, you can repay for up to 24 months. Thus, it is not the price that should be decisive for whether you can get your fingers in the fat gear that you are missing. We hope that in our large selection of military trousers you have found exactly the ones you are missing. Finally, we would like to wish you a lot of fun with your purchase.