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Winter sleeping bags

Here at we have a large selection of sleeping pads, tents, sleeping bags and much other gear, which is absolutely ideal for you who spend many days and nights under the open sky in nature. On this page you will find our wide selection of winter sleeping bags that we have gathered for you, so it is easier and more manageable when you are looking for a good sleeping bag for the winter months. All winter sleeping bags are of course ideal to use under low temperatures, which can occur both at home in small Denmark but also abroad. At , we always have a strong focus on quality, because we strive to be able to offer our customers products that we ourselves are 100% responsible for. Therefore, you will also find that all the products on this site are also of extremely high quality within different price ranges, so there is something for everyone. We have models from brands such as Carinthia, The North Face, YETI, Nordisk and Therm-A-Rest, all of which are highly recognized brands in the field.

High quality winter sleeping bag

Are you looking for the perfect model for the winter months? As the above suggests, you can find your next winter sleeping bag on this page and our competent staff is ready per. phone, e-mail, chat or in our showroom to help you find the perfect model according to your wishes and needs. We have, as mentioned, a large selection, and they are all of extremely high quality, which is why you are sure to get many years of good use out of your sleeping bag from us. Comfort temperature and extreme temperature are concepts that you will no doubt encounter in your search for a winter sleeping bag. The two terms indicate which temperature the model suits depending on where you are going to use it. The comfort temperature is an indicative expression of the temperature at which a person is judged to be comfortable. However, keep in mind that it is individual when you freeze or get it too hot. The extreme temperature tells you about the very lowest temperature at which a human can survive a maximum of 6 hours in the sleeping bag.

On this page you will find, among other things, a winter sleeping bag with an extreme temperature as low as 40 degrees below zero, which is ideal for overnight stays in the coldest climates in the world. You will also find a model that was originally designed for the military, which is why it is designed for overnight stays in extreme conditions, as soldiers on missions often have to spend the night in demanding environments. Several of the winter sleeping bags on this page contain either down or fiber. We believe that it is also important to decide which material is ideal for you and your use of the product. Down sleeping bags heat more than fiber sleeping bags in relation to the weight, as the down creates an airy structure, which is why they allow steam and moisture from the body to pass through the material. However, the down does not tolerate being damp for a long time, which is why it is important that you get it aired well through after the humid air of the night. A Down Sleeping Bag is light and does not take up much space in a package size, which is why it is easy and convenient to carry on a trip. However, a fiber sleeping bag withstands moisture much more than a Down Sleeping Bag, which is why they are ideal for use in climates with high humidity or very rainy environments. Fiber sleeping bags do not require as much maintenance as down sleeping bags in relation to drying and aeration after use. However, a fiber sleeping bag has the best of being stored in an uncompressed condition, which is why they are less easy and convenient to carry around on the trip. Both types of winter sleeping bags have advantages and disadvantages, which is why we are happy to help clarify what is best for you.

Equipment for your needs

You have the option of finding a winter sleeping bag on this site that fits you and your needs perfectly as they come in different sizes, shapes, qualities and price ranges. To meet your needs, we also have a selection of different models for both sexes, so you as both man and woman can find a sleeping bag for the purpose. If you buy a winter sleeping bag on this site, you can also be sure that the comfort is top notch due to the high quality. We here at can therefore definitely recommend a sleeping bag for the cold of winter from this site.

Buy winter sleeping bag online at

At we have a large selection of gear that you can use when you need to spend the night in nature. You will find, among other things, our sleeping pads, tents and much more here on this page. On this page you will find, as described, the large selection of winter sleeping bags that can be used if you spend the night in nature in winter or under low temperatures. At we want it to be easy for you to shop online if you already know what you need. That is why we offer, among other things, fast delivery on all our stock items and 100 days of exchange. If you want to buy a cheap model, we also often have good offers and sales. We hope and believe that you will be happy with your purchase on Enjoy.