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A drybag can keep your equipment dry

At we have a wide selection of drybags, which are the perfect equipment if, for example, you are going on a scout trip, hiking, canoeing or otherwise staying in nature. This equipment is designed to do exactly what the name implies namely to keep your content dry. There is nothing more annoying than being on a trip and then experiencing that your clothes get wet, your sleeping bag is soaked or your electronic equipment is damaged. Fortunately, these days are over, and in the future you can safely go on an excursion with a drybag as your faithful travel companion. At we really want to help you find out which drybag suits your needs.

What is a drybag?

In short, a drybag is "just" a bag developed in waterproof materials and designed with a special closing system. Since we have different manufacturers of this equipment, it will also be different how the closure on your drybag is designed. The closure can be either with velcro or magnet, which you then roll down. This roller closure helps to ensure that the bag is 100% waterproof and in addition, the closure can be used as an extra bonus as either a handle or a strap. This feature makes it easy to transport your drybag, and when you are in nature, you can hang it on a branch, for example. As a starting point, all variants can be packed in a backpack and will in this way act as different pockets or as a compartment divider in your backpack. You can therefore advantageously pack all your exposed items in a drybag, so you do not have to take all the contents out of the backpack if you suddenly find yourself missing an item from there. Some of our models can be purchased with fixed slings and can therefore be used as a stand-alone bag.

Large selection of the market's best waterproof drybags

At we have a large selection of waterproof compression bags, which are made of a very durable material. Our selection of bags is suitable for, among other things. can pack clothes, sleeping bag, sleeping pad and other gear. Since we know how important your equipment is, we only sell high quality packing bags and drybags that you can trust. Furthermore, we at many different sizes, so you can find exactly the product that suits your needs.

On our website under the category "drybags and packing bags", you will also be able to find waterproof card pockets and waterproof cases for mobile phones, iPads, tablets and other equipment. All designed to keep your items waterproof. All our equipment in this category is from the market's leading manufacturers including Exped, Outdoor Research, Life Venture, SEAL LINE and Trekmates.

One of our best-selling variants is our Fold drybag from Exped, which comes in sizes from xxs to xxl. They are light, waterproof and come with a top fold closure and "easy squeeze" buckle. The materials they are made of are made of durable and flexible PU-coated Taffeta nylon. As we have a wide selection within this category, it can be difficult to choose the right variant for activity and needs. Of course, we understand this well, and therefore we are always ready to help you and guide you to find exactly the variant that best suits your needs and desires. - your supplier of the coolest gear on the market!

It is our great passion to offer our customers the market's best products and latest technologies. The way we can live up to this passion is by constantly keeping up to date on new products on the market. That is why we work hard every day to have the best products in stock and always want to provide the best customer service to our customers. For us, customer service is both the security that you as a customer get your goods, and that we are always ready to help and guide you. Should you have any questions or just have a query, you are always welcome to either contact us by e-mail to;

We do not always think that price should be a decisive factor in acquiring the best equipment, and therefore we also have low prices on all our goods. Also, we have a price robot to adjust the prices. We always want you as a customer to receive your goods quickly when you shop online at, and therefore we also offer fast delivery of stock items if you order on a weekday.