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Eating and cooking utensils for the tent trip

When you are on a hike, scout camp or regular tent trip, you burn a lot more energy than usual. This means that you need to consume more calories to keep your body in balance. When preparing meals out in nature, it is absolutely crucial that you have the right cooking equipment and cutlery. At we know what it means to have a solid (and hot!) Meal after a long and demanding day in the wilderness, in the field, on the hunt, on the hike. That's why we've vacuumed the market and found the coolest and most practical thing in cooking utensils - we know what's moving and what it takes for the cooking process to run as smoothly as possible. And you definitely do not have to be a master chef. At , we have cooking utensils that last - and then there is even a price guarantee! We have the most popular products, which must be considered the world's leading manufacturers of cooking equipment, storm kitchens and cutlery. We have everything from Jetboil, Trangia, MSR, Optimus, Esbit, Light My Fire, Lifeventure, Stanley, Coghlan's and more.

Cookware, pots and pans for outdoor activities

You are probably hungry - that's why it often has to go fast, and then it has to be solid quality stuff. It does not matter that your food is burning or that the fire is too hard on the materials. Optimus, Jetboil and Trangia have made the most complete series of cookware for you, so you can choose between the things you need. Whether it's a pan, pot, kettle, cooking set, fire pit - maybe even an entire storm kitchen. Our range is wide and versatile, so feel free to explore our selection of quality gear for the trip.

Ignition in nature. Get your bonfire going in a split second

Storm matches, iron, gas burner, or just lighter? Whatever you turn on, we have it. There is no obstacle if it is raining, snowing, windy or just cold, you should probably get the fire going with our products from i.a. Light My Fire, Optimus and Savotta. All products are chosen with care, so you can get ignition on the trip that you can trust, and this is important when it comes to vital conditions such as food and heat. Relaxation and reflection during the day by a campfire with a hearty meal there is no one who can take from you now.

Large selection of urinals and thermoses

Is there anything worse than having your food run out of your bag? Or if it can not be in the backpack? And what about the dilemma of having to satisfy such a great need as food while you are away, but much of your other gear takes up all the space? At Light My Fire , they have thought about the details! From design to functionality - you can be absolutely sure that the quality and the idea behind the design are paramount! The world-famous and innovative Spork is ingenious as it combines 3 tools in one - and the functionality continues as many of Light My Fire's products can be folded so that they take up absolutely minimal space in your packaging. And they have EVERYTHING your warrior heart can desire: mugs, cups, cutlery, bowls, plates - and they have lids so you can save a little for later or interrupt your meal without animals or rainwater entering your food. Do you have a Lifeventure thermo mug? If not, it's not a minute too early. Thermo mug from Lifeventure holds 0.30 L, it is made in 11 beautiful colors, which are produced in stainless steel. Comes with a waterproof lid, and keeps your drink warm for up to 6 hours. This is a "must have item" and is absolutely ideal to take with you everywhere, and it will definitely fit your cup holder in the car as well.